Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bailey Farms Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce

Bailey Farms is a family owned and operated farm in Oxford, NC that specializes in growing a wide variety of chile peppers. Among them is the intriguingly-named chocolate habanero, the hottest variety of habanero pepper discovered to date. This rare, incendiary chile gets its name from its gorgeous chocolate-brown color and its surprisingly flavorful taste, making it a favorite among fiery-foods fanatics who value flavor as well as heat. Bailey Farms Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce features their homegrown chocolate habaneros blended with cherry peppers, onion and other all-natural ingredients, all cooked down to perfection to produce a sauce that delivers serious heat, gourmet flavor and a rich texture. No, there's no chocolate in this hot sauce, but trust me, it's almost as satisfying to my taste buds!

You can say that Bailey Farms Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce is inspired by Caribbean or Mexican hot sauces in that the ingredients include carrots, lime juice, garlic and cilantro, but this sauce is not thin or vinegary. Rather, there's a robust depth of flavor from the long, slow cooking process, and perhaps also from the touch of molasses that isn't evident on the palate but which probably serves to round out the "sharp edges" of the habaneros. The sauce itself is beautiful to look at, with its deep reddish-brown hue and little bits of pepper and other fresh ingredients, and because of its more substantial texture it will stick to your food. An obvious choice for Mexican, Caribbean, Creole and Cajun dishes, this gourmet hot sauce is also quite good on pizza, in pasta sauce & on spaghetti, in stews & casseroles, splashed into raw ground meat for your favorite recipes, and added to marinades & BBQ sauces for chicken, beef, pork and game meats. I suspect it would also be quite nice used in conjunction with steak sauce for venison and other "stronger-flavored" meats. Just keep in mind that it is truly VERY hot.

Bailey Farms Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce has been featured on the Food Network, and in 2008 it won the Critics' Choice Award at the NC Hot Sauce Festival. We're thrilled to be able to offer it at the Carolina Sauce Company, where you can now order it at a special sale price of only $4.99 for a full-size bottle!

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