Thursday, October 6, 2011

Calling All Bacon Enthusiasts!

Bacon is Meat Candy Attention bacon lovers: The Carolina Sauce Company is thrilled to announce its partnership with Bacon Freak, the premier online source for premium bacon, bacon gifts, and bacon-themed clothing & accessories for the baconista! Bacon Freak's bacon is quite possibly the finest bacon available, thick-cut from premium pork belly, hickory-smoked the old-fashioned way, without excess water like mass-produced commercial bacon--which is why this bacon won't shrink or splatter. Unlike bacon from your local grocery store, when you cook one pound of Bacon Freak's bacon, you get one pound of cooked bacon. And the flavor of this gourmet bacon can't be beat, whether you get their original classic bacon or one of the flavored varieties such as Peppered, Honey BBQ, Vanilla Bourbon or Jalapeno, to name a few. Mountain Smokehouse Chipotle Southwestern Smoked Bacon - 2 Pack This flavored bacon is seasoned by hand, not machine-processed.

Through our partnership with Bacon Freak, we're now able to offer a variety of Bacon of the Month Clubs featuring their famously delicious bacon. And if you wish to proclaim your love of bacon to the world, or give a unique gift to your favorite bacon lover, you'll definitely want to check out their selection of bacon-themed clothing, accessories and gifts. In addition to bacon and other pork products, they have bacon-flavored seasonings & sauces, cookbooks, bacon chocolate bars, and quirky items including bacon-scented candles, bacon wrapping paper, maple-bacon lollipops and more. I gave Greg a box of Bacon Bandages and he was surprised and quite amused. So the next time you need a gift for someone special, or are having that special sort of craving, make sure to "bring home the bacon" by shopping with our partner, Bacon Freak!

Zestfully yours,
Gloria brings you BACON novelty items

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