Saturday, October 1, 2011

September's Top 10 Best-Selling Products

The results for September are in, and we have some new items among the top ten best-selling products at the Carolina Sauce Company as well as some old favorites returning to the top ten. Here's the list:

1. Busha Browne's Pukka Sauce has previously been our best-selling hot sauce and overall best-selling product, and this zesty all-purpose Jamaican hot sauce is back in the #1 slot for the first time in several months.

2. Matouk's West Indian Hot Sauce from sunny Trinidad & Tobago moved up one slot from its finish in August, to take 2nd place in September. This thick, flavorful Caribbean hot sauce is terrific on everything from meat and chicken to seafood, rice dishes and sandwiches.

3. Susie's Original Hot Sauce is another favorite from the Caribbean, made in Antigua and often hard to find here in the US. Peppery-hot with a food-friendly savory flavor, Susie's Hot Sauce shot into 3rd place last month.

4. Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is almost always to be found on our monthly top-ten list, and this genuine Jamaican jerk paste is our all-time best-selling jerk product. Intensely aromatic and spicy-hot, Walkerswood is the seasoning of choice in Jamaica and among expats here in the States.

5. Matouk's Flambeau Sauce is by far the HOTTEST product in the Matouk's family, made with copious quantities of aged pickled scotch bonnet peppers for blazing heat. Enjoy Flambeau with care on heartier dishes like grilled or roasted meats, hamburgers, and possibly even scrambled eggs if you're brave.

6. Castle Sauce is one of our all-time best-selling products across all categories, and this classic steak sauce and condiment from Greensboro, NC is back in the top-ten list soon after returning to our warehouse. Enjoy Castle Sauce on burgers and steaks, with fries and onion rings, and as a condiment for sandwiches.

7. Matouk's Soca Hot Sauce is just a little tamer in heat than Matouk's Flambeau, but with a similar savory-fiery flavor. Matouk's Soca is not as well-known as its siblings, but one taste and you'll be hooked.

8. Scott's Barbecue Sauce is an old-fashioned eastern NC BBQ sauce that's made the traditional way, with vinegar and hot peppers and NO tomatoes. Perfect for making Carolina pulled pork BBQ or as a marinade for chicken, we're pleased to be able to offer Scott's again through our newest partner, Insane Chicken.

9. Sliced Prosciutto from our partner Johnston County Hams is one of our newest products, and we're thrilled to have it break into the top ten for September. Made from North Carolina pork using traditional Italian methods, this prosciutto is every bit as flavorful and tender as far more expensive imports and has won well-deserved accolades from food critics.

10. Dry Cured NC Bacon, also from Johnston County Hams, completes our list of the best-selling products for September. This thick-cut hickory-smoked bacon is hearty and succulent, with a rich flavor and sweet aroma that will make your mouth water even before you take your first bite.

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