Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fresh Seafood Delivered to Your Door, at Great Prices

Stores That Sell Seafood OnlineGreat news for fans of fresh fish and seafood:

You no longer have to go to a seafood restaurant or a coastal market to enjoy fresh seafood and fish.

In fact, you no longer even have to leave your home to buy fresh seafood.

Instead, you can buy fresh seafood online, and have it delivered quickly and expertly at your home!

Our affiliate partner The Crab Place has everything you need to enjoy a succulent feast of the freshest fish and seafood, without ever stepping foot outside of your home. From live Maryland crabs to seafood soups and complementary spices, they quickly deliver the highest quality products to your door. Here are just a few of their offerings:
  • The Crab Place offers two sizes of Alaskan King Crab Legs that are ideal for appetizers, soups and impressive main courses. Be sure to check out their current King Crab Leg Specials for the best prices and to place your order.

  • The Crab Place has Live Maine Lobsters for sale in 1 lb to 5 lb sizes. They also offer Live Maine Lobster Specials that are worth checking out when you want to indulge in the luxury of a lobster dinner without breaking the bank.

  • Love crabs?  You can buy Maryland blue crabs steamed or live. The steamed crabs arrive with your choice of light, medium, heavy or no seasoning, and you can eat them cold or reheated. When you order Live Crabs, they're shipped directly from the water and they include a package of The Crab Place's very own special blend of mild seafood seasoning.

  • The Crab Place offers some of the freshest Fish the East Coast has to offer, and it's hard to beat the value you get when you shop their Fresh Fish Specials.
Buy Blue Crabs Year RoundIf you're concerned of where your fish and seafood come from, you'll be interested in knowing that CrabPlace.com is committed to the environment and the Chesapeake Bay. They only sell domestic crab products, ensuring the highest quality, eco-friendly seafood. Likewise, all of their fresh fish is wild caught from U.S. waters.

You're also getting an excellent value, especially when you shop the Current Seafood Deals at The Crab Place. And whether you're relatively new at cooking fish and seafood or an experienced home chef, you'll appreciate the preparation tips, facts and recipes that they provide for your fresh seafood choices.

Fresh seafood makes a great gift, and The Crab Place has a top-quality assortment from which to choose. Not sure what to get or when it should be delivered? Simply send a Gift Certificate from The Crab Place and the recipient can select exactly what they want.

So the next time you're in the mood for fish or seafood, or want an impressive gift for a fish or seafood lover, save some time and gas by shopping online at The Crab Place. And tell them Carolina Sauce Company sent you.

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