Friday, July 26, 2013

Looking for Injectable Marinades? We Have Stubb's on Sale!

Stubb's Texas Butter Injectable Marinade
Injectable marinades are a convenient and efficient way to infuse meats and poultry with juicy, rich flavors especially when you're short on marinating time or cooking tough or gamey meats.

If you're new to injectable marinades or simply looking for the best, you need to get Stubb's Injectable Marinades, available in savory-sweet Texas Butter and smoky-spicy Chipotle Butter. Both come in generous 12-oz bottles, each with a reusable injector fastened to the neck of the bottle so you don't have to worry about buying a special injector or syringe.

For people who enjoy the hearty, robust flavors of traditional Texas barbecue but prefer a milder rather than hot/spicy flavor, you can't go wrong with Stubb's Texas Butter Injectable Marinade. This one is all about enhancing and complementing the natural flavors in steaks, roasts, brisket and other beef cuts (as well as poultry, wild game, pork chops and loins). Mustard, paprika, onion and garlic deliver just the right balance of savory spice without any added heat, while a touch of honey and sugar help temper any sharpness from the mustard and tame any "wildness" in the meat. The end result is meltingly tender, juicy and tastebud-tempting food whether grilled, smoked, roasted or broiled. Try it in boneless, skinless chicken breasts to keep them from drying out during grilling, and you'll be amazed at the mouthwatering flavor and moistness. It's a natural with turkey, too, especially if you're deep-frying a bird for Thanksgiving. The whole family will rave and beg for seconds, and no one has to worry about burning their mouth because there are no hot peppers in this injectable marinade.

Stubb's Chipotle Butter Injectable Marinade
On the other hand, if you appreciate the earthy smokiness and edgy spiciness of chipotle, you'll be pleased with Stubb's Chipotle Butter Injectable Marinade. Smoked jalapeno peppers, aka chipotles, and red chiles are pureed with tomato and savory spices, then blended with molasses and apple cider vinegar to expand the deep, dark flavor. The heat level is a mild medium, so it's peppery enough to get your attention but not fiery enough to overpower the other flavors or overwhelm your food. This injectable marinade is ideal for anyone who enjoys Tex-Mex cooking, Southwestern style dishes and similar smoky-spicy foods. Fantastic with red meats and poultry, simply inject according to directions prior to grilling, smoking, baking or roasting. Pork loin and venison roasts reveal their true glory when you inject them with Chipotle Butter. Try it in hamburgers or turkey burgers for char-grilled flavor even if cooking on a gas grill or indoors.

Like all Stubb's sauces and seasonings, Stubb's injectable marinades are all-natural, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Buy them on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store.

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