Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gluten-Free Gifts for BBQ Lovers

Gluten-Free BBQ Gifts
If you are looking for a tasty and flavorful gift for someone who loves barbecue but has a gluten allergy, the Carolina Sauce Company has gluten-free BBQ gifts that are guaranteed to please!

Our most popular gluten-free gift is the original Bone Suckin' BBQ Gift Set (mild). This sampler of some of North Carolina's most popular barbecue sauce comes with a full-size 16oz jar of the original Bone Suckin' Sauce, a sweet & sassy western NC style barbecue sauce made with tomatoes, vinegar, a touch of sweetness and spice, and no artificial ingredients or gluten (yes, it's certified gluten-free). There's also a 16oz jar of the Thicker Bone Suckin' Sauce, which is awesome on ribs or as a table condiment, a full-size jar of all-purpose Bone Suckin' Seasoning & Rub (fantastic on brisket, chicken, ribs and anything you toss on a smoker or grill), and a package of meaty, high-protein Bone Suckin' Beef Jerky. All of these products are gluten-free and flavor-full.

For the gluten-intolerant barbecue fanatic who prefers hot and spicy sauces, we offer the Bone Suckin' Hot BBQ Gift Set. This 4-pack selection of gluten-free products includes a full-size jar of Bone Suckin' Hot BBQ Sauce, a 5oz bottle of Bone Suckin' Hiccuppin' Hot Habanero Sauce (a feisty, rich hot sauce with that unmistakeable bone suckin' flavor and a hefty dose of fiery habanero peppers), a bottle of Bone Suckin' Hot Seasoning Rub for all your spicy BBQ seasoning needs, plus a package of zesty Bone Suckin' Beef Jerky for high-protein, low-carb, meaty snacking.

Gluten-Free Deano's Jalapeno Chips
For crunchy gluten-free snacking with a peppery punch, try one or more flavors of Deano's Jalapeno Chips:  Thinly-sliced, crisp-fried and expertly seasoned green jalapenos. No potatoes, flour or gluten in these unique jalapeno snack chips! Deano's jalapeno chips come in three tempting flavors: buttery-rich Cheddar, creamy-tangy Ranch and sophisticated Sea Salt. You can order the bags individually, or get a two-pack of Deano's Cheddar and Ranch Jalapeno Chips.

Interested in more gluten-free sauces and seasonings? Be sure to visit our selection of Gluten-Free Products on the Carolina Sauces online store, all of which are currently on sale.

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