Saturday, July 13, 2013

Make Buffalo Ghost Wings with this Fiery-Sweet Wing Sauce

Red Ghost Honey BBQ Ghost Wing Sauce
Fiery-hot Buffalo wings often are one-dimensional when it comes to their taste, with the powerful peppery heat overpowering any hint of other flavors in the sauce -- or worse yet, the wing sauce consists only of hot peppers and vinegar, occasionally with some sort of oil base (virtually no one uses butter anymore).

For anyone who loves hot wings but longs for a more fulfilling flavor experience than mere heat and tang, the Carolina Sauce Company now has Red Ghost Honey BBQ Ghost Wing Sauce,  the answer to your prayers!

Seriously hot but not to the point of triggering tears or destroying your taste buds, this extra-hot wing sauce gets its burn from a carefully balanced combination of habanero peppers and ghost peppers (also called bhut or naga jolokia chilies), which provide their own distinctive peppery flavor along with a multilayered heat experience. The sauce starts off sweet, thanks to a blend of honey, molasses and corn syrup, while pineapple, tomato and vinegar provide a tangy counterbalance to keep the sauce from being cloyingly sweet. A hint of exotic spice from cloves, cinnamon and allspice adds intriguing depth, while natural smoke and zesty garlic provide savory barbecue flavor notes. The overall effect is a masterful symphony of fantastic flavors and fiery flames harmoniously playing in your mouth.

Buy Red Ghost Honey BBQ Wing Sauce online while it's on sale now at the Carolina Sauces online store, and put an end to boring, one-trick-pony Buffalo wings!

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