Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Barbecue Sauce for your "Inner Redneck"

Ass Whoopin' Redneck Golden BBQ SauceLet's face it: There's a little bit of redneck in pretty much all of us. And more than a little in some of us.

Maybe you're proud of the redneck in you; maybe you prefer to hide that rebel streak. Regardless, given the right set of circumstances, that "inner redneck" will come out at some point, for better or for worse.

When it comes to barbecue, it usually pays to listen to -- and feed -- your inner redneck. And we've got the perfect barbecue sauce for that.

Ass Whoopin' Redneck BBQ Sauces are proudly made in the USA and they'll wallop your taste buds with brazen, brash, in-your-face flavor. Their politically incorrect labels are emblazoned with the Confederate flag and loudly proclaim, "This is some good sh*t, y'all!" One taste and we think you'll agree, even if you're a true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool Yankee.

These Southern style barbecue sauces come in two traditional flavors.  Ass Whoopin' Redneck Golden BBQ Sauce is a spicy, tangy mustard barbecue sauce like those found in South Carolina, Florida, and in some "down east" coastal regions of North Carolina. There's plenty of bold, savory flavor courtesy of some onion, garlic and Worcestershire sauce, but the real treat is the splash or two of microbrewed beer to temper the slight sweetness from tomatoes and sugar (they don't use corn syrup).  There's just enough peppery spice to give this barbeque sauce a jaunty kick, and there's a hint of smoke which will be especially appreciated by anyone stuck cooking on a gas grill or indoors. If you prefer a robust mustard BBQ sauce for slathering on ribs, chicken, pork chops, venison and other hearty fare -- or even for saucing pulled or chopped Carolina pork barbecue -- this is the sauce for you.

Ass Whoopin' Redneck Red BBQ Sauce
If your inner redneck is more of a mountain man or woman with a hankerin' for a rich and smoky tomato barbecue sauce like those found in Kentucky, Tennessee, western NC and parts of Georgia, you'll want to get Ass Whoopin' Redneck Red BBQ Sauce. Like its mustard sibling, this hearty homestyle barbecue sauce delivers a peppery punch to keep things spicy, but not TOO hot. There's just a touch of mellow sweetness from brown sugar, and this time the surprising ingredient is guava pulp. Yes, the tropical fruit. But don't worry, this ain't no sissy sauce. You won't taste guava, or any fruity flavors. All the guava does is add texture and body to the sauce, and its complex and subtle sweetness balances the smoke notes and tangy vinegar base. The overall flavor of this tomato BBQ sauce is unmistakably Southern and savory, making it excellent on anything you toss on the grill or cook on the smoker, as well as roast or broil in the oven if you just can't cook outdoors.

Buy Ass Whoopin' Redneck Sauces online and on sale from Carolina Sauces, and feed your inner redneck without getting you in trouble with the PC crowd.

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