Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Much Pain do YOU Like: 85%, 95% or 100%?

Pain 85% Hot Sauce
Pain is something most of us instinctively avoid... but there are some kinds of pain that bring their own special pleasure, if you have the endurance and the desire.

The following three hot sauces deliver that special balance of fiery pain and flavorful pleasure. Choose your level of pain wisely, and you will be rewarded.

If you're relatively new to the blissful agony of powerful hot sauces, you should begin your dangerous adventure with PAIN 85% Hot Sauce. This combustible concoction of habanero peppers, pungent garlic, zesty mustard, savory spices and other all-natural ingredients presents Caribbean-inspired heat in a tangy lime & vinegar base. A splash of olive oil assists in conveying the various layers of flavor to your taste buds while prolonging the peppery burn, and also allows you to use this medium-hot habanero sauce as a marinade or Buffalo wing sauce. Pain 85% is an excellent all-purpose hot sauce for use in recipes and at the table whenever you want to perk up your food. From eggs, sausage and breakfast potatoes to lunch sandwiches, prepared salads, burgers and soups, plus pizza, stews, chili, pasta, grilled or roasted meats and poultry, rice & beans or other dinnertime fare, you can't go wrong as long as you're prepared to experience far more heat than any supermarket-variety hot sauce could deliver.

Pain 95% Hot Sauce
Not painful enough for you? Then move up to PAIN 95% Hot Sauce. But only if you've been playing with fire on a regular basis. Jamaica's influence on this HOT hot sauce is undeniable: Hints of exotic jerk spices dance a devilish jig on your tongue while sassy pineapple, lemon and lime provide bright citrus highlights to the rich tomato base. Habanero peppers take center stage, however, and their searing heat grows in intensity with every bite. A natural with Jamaican, West Indian, Caribbean and other similar tropical cuisines, Pain 95% is also quite good as a fiery alternative for -- or supplement to -- ketchup or barbecue sauces. Mix in a little bit of oil to make an fiendishly hot yet fabulously flavorful marinade or finishing sauce for anything you grill.

PAIN 100% Hot SauceDid I hear anyone yell for MORE pain? Is there a capsaicin-addicted masochist in the house? For those of you who aren't happy until you're in tears, gasping for air and grabbing the nearest cold beverage, I give you PAIN 100% Hot Sauce. The name says it all:  This is 100% pure habanero pepper and natural habanero pepper extract, with only a touch of garlic and lime juice blended in. That's it, nothing more, not even vinegar and certainly not any wussy ingredients like mangoes or sugar. I dare you to try it. And if you consider yourself a seasoned veteran of pepper-eating contests or hot sauce competitions, I double-dog dare you to eat it, no chaser allowed. But if you can handle the peppery punishment this ultra-hot sauce can inflict, you won't be disappointed with its unadulterated pure-pepper flavor, achieved precisely because this sauce has no artificial anything and no distracting spices or other flavor-altering ingredients. In short, Pain 100% is for chili pepper purists and no-nonsense pain lovers who never give in and never sell out.

Buy all three PAIN % hot sauces (and other, less intimidating Pain sauces) at the Carolina Sauces online store, where they're currently on sale. If you'd like a coupon to save even more money, you'll find a special coupon code on the cover photo at the top of the Carolina Sauce Company Facebook page.

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