Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Free BBQ Dry Rub from Jim's Own Sauces & Rubs!

Our friends at Jim's Own Sauce, makers of award-winning North Carolina BBQ sauces and dry rubs, are giving away FREE barbecue rub seasonings!

Every month through the end of November, they will give away a different flavor of one of their mouthwatering all-purpose barbecue dry rubs with each online order of Jim's Own products over $25 (excluding shipping/taxes).

The featured flavor for August is Jim's Own Mild BBQ Seasoning Rub.

Jim's Own Mild Bar-B-Que Rub is a traditional-style, all-American barbecue seasoning blend that's savorywith a touch of sweetness and spice. Paprika and peppers provide depth and richness, while specially-selected herbs enhance and complement the natural flavors in meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Originally developed for pork and ideal for smoking pork butt to make pulled pork barbecue, this rub is also a natural on ribs, chops, roasts and loins. Additionally, Jim's Mild Rub is excellent as a seasoning for beef brisket or ribs, burgers, chicken, grilled seafood and even veggie burgers and kabobs. Use it indoors to season roasts, spare ribs or baby back ribs, baked or roasted chicken, in meatloaf or sloppy Joes, and for crock-pot barbecue recipes.

All of Jim's BBQ dry rubs are food-friendly and easy to use. Simply pat the seasoning on gently (don't actually rub because that damages the meat fibers), then "marinate" in your refrigerator: Only 1 to 2 hours for poultry, seafood or vegetables, and longer or overnight for pork, beef and venison.

If you want a FREE full-size package of Jim's Own Mild BBQ Rub, simply place an online order for over $25 in Jim's Own products (exclusive of shipping & taxes). Click here to order online. Our friends at Jim's Own will include the free dry rub together with the items in your order.

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