Monday, August 19, 2013

Looking for Genuine South African Peri Peri Sauce? Try Zulu Zulu

Zulu Zulu Lemon Herb Peri Peri Sauce
The peri peri pepper, also called piri-piri and African birds-eye chili, is native to southern Africa and delivers a powerful burn rating around 150,000 SHUs (Scoville Heat Units). That's a lot hotter than jalapenos, and comparable to milder habanero and scotch bonnet peppers. When used in cooking, its bright and fruity flavor pairs well with lemon, garlic and aromatic herbs, making this hot pepper a favorite of African cooks in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mali, Mozambique and other parts of the continent.

Although not nearly as well known here in the US as the jalapeno, habanero or cayenne pepper -- and rarely found in grocery stores here its fresh form -- the peri peri pepper is gaining in popularity here, particularly in hot sauces made with peri-peri pepper. Although the Carolina Sauce Company has offered American-made peri-peri hot sauces like the African Rhino hot sauce line, I'm happy to announce that we now carry authentic South African-made peri-peri saucesZulu Zulu Peri Peri Hot Sauces.

Made with all-natural ingredients and showcasing the unique flavor and fire of Africa's most famous chili, each flavor of Zulu Zulu sauce is versatile in the kitchen and at the table. Whether you're looking for a new hot sauce to use in your homemade hot-wings recipe, a zesty-hot and flavor-packed marinade for grilled chicken or meats, a zingy condiment to spice up sandwiches and mayo-based salads, or a fantastic table sauce to wake up any savory dish, Zulu Zulu will not disappoint.

Zulu Zulu Garlic Peri Peri Hot Sauce is the workhorse of the trio, with a feisty yet friendly medium burn and a zesty, savory flavor that complements omelets or hash browns at breakfast, burgers or pizza at lunch, vegetable side dishes and all sorts of meat, beans or poultry at dinner, and even fish or seafood. It's amazing on grilled pork chops and adds great flavor to meat loaf, chili, rice & beans, spaghetti sauce and casseroles.

If you're interested in a spicy and subtly exotic marinade for chicken, fish or shrimp, try Zulu Zulu Lemon & Herb Peri Peri Sauce. Because it includes a bit of soy oil among its ingredients, this medium-hot sauce can also be used for basting and grilling without the fear of flare-ups or of drying out what you marinate in it. Add it to vegetables when sauteing or frying, spice up rice or noodle dishes with it, season roasted potatoes with a few splashes, or even enjoy it over French fries. It's magnificent on seared tuna or salmon steaks.

Zulu Zulu Extra Hot Peri Peri Hot Sauce
And if you are a serious fiery-foods fanatic or hard-core chilehead craving intense heat without compromising on great flavor, you need Zulu Zulu Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce. It's insanely good for Buffalo wings, fiery red beans & rice, robust grilled or smoked foods (especially red meats like ribs), super-hot bloody Marys, and anything else that can stand up to big-time hot pepper heat.

One final note about these distinctive African hot sauces: They come in eye-catching stopper-lidded bottles that really stand out among boring generic 5oz glass bottles typically used for commercial hot sauces, and each bottle holds 8.4 oz of hot sauce, making them a great value as well.

Buy Zulu Zulu Peri Peri Hot Sauces online at the Carolina Sauces website, where all three flavors are currently on sale.  Better yet, Like us on Facebook to get a 5% off coupon posted on our cover pic there, and save an additional 5% off the already-reduced sale price! (Coupon is good thru August 31st, and is good on all products in your order.)

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