Sunday, August 11, 2013

If You Love Raspberries, You'll Flip over Susie's Latest Creation!

Susie's Raspberry Rhapsody Hot Sauce
Lusciously ripe, sublimely sweet raspberries are a summertime favorite "as is" or in dessert sauces -- but have you ever considered pairing raspberries with hot peppers?

Susie of Antigua's world-famous Susie's Hot Sauces did -- and the results are astoundingly delectable!

Susie's Raspberry Rhapsody Hot Sauce is appropriately named, as she has truly orchestrated a symphonic masterpiece of harmonious flavors. Raspberries take center stage while natural cane sugar enhances their sweet melody by highlighting their high notes. And then the brash hot peppers deftly provide an intriguing counterpoint of peppery heat that dances devilishly but never drowns out the main theme.

Susie's Raspberry Rhapsody is made using fresh, all-natural ingredients of the highest quality, ensuring superior flavor and texture. The only sweetener is cane sugar (there is NO corn syrup), and there are no artificial preservatives or colors. The heat level gets no higher than a gentle medium, making it suitable for everything from robust roast chicken and grilled meats to more subtle shrimp and seafood dishes. Try it with cream cheese or brie and crackers for a delightful appetizer or snack, or add zest to a slice of plain cheesecake!

You can now buy Susie's Raspberry Rhapsody Hot Sauce online while it's on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store.

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