Thursday, August 8, 2013

If You're NOT a Carolina Sauce VIP, Here's What You're Missing

Carolina Sauce VIP Club
Did you receive your VIP Newsletter earlier today from the Carolina Sauce Company?

If not, here's what you're missing:
  • Greg's wildly popular Smoked Cheese recipe - No matter how much he makes for a barbecue or get-together, it's gobbled up within seconds of coming off the smoker

  • Our biggest, deepest discount coupon for the Carolina Sauces online store, sent ONLY to our VIP customers - you won't find a better deal this month than this one 

  • Info on how to get a FREE package of Jim's Own Mild BBQ Rub

  • New product briefs including "diabetic-friendly" barbecue sauce, a Caribbean-Italian "fusion" hot sauce, a Buffalo wing sauce with a funny name, an old-fashioned Southern "soakin' sauce" and more
If you'd like your complimentary copy of our August newsletter with your very own VIP coupon and the zesty info above, simply send me an email with the subject line "Sign Me Up!"

I'll forward a copy of the August VIP newsletter to you and add you to our VIP list so that you don't miss any future monthly issues. It's always 100% FREE, you can unsubscribe any time, and we never spam or share your email address with anyone, ever.

To sign up and start saving, email me now --  or click here to join the Carolina Sauce VIP Club.

Zestfully yours,

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