Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can't Afford a Tropical Vacation? Take a Virtual One with Polynesian Hot Sauces

Tahiti Joe's Hot Sauces
A trip to Tahiti or other similar exotic location is out of reach for most of us these days, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little taste of paradise without leaving our house. The following gourmet tropical hot sauces from Florida masterfully capture the essence of the islands with inventive, award-winning flavor combinations and masterfully balanced heat levels ranging from a respectable medium to eruptive extreme.

Tahiti Joe's Polynesian Hot Sauce is the original, boasting a solid but not overpowering peppery burn from aged red peppers, habaneros and jalapenos. But what makes this sauce stand out is its unique combination of secret spices with clam juice, honey and cheeses for a hauntingly exotic, sweet & savory tropical flavor unlike that of any other family of pepper sauces. Try it as a chicken wing sauce, marinade or grilling sauce, or use it in your usual Bloody Mary for a seductively tasty "Polynesian Mary."

If you're a fan of fruit-based hot sauces, then Mangonesian Hot Sauce is for you. Starting with his original Polynesian recipe, Tahiti Joe adds a bountiful quantity or lusciously juicy mangoes with a splash of apple juice. But unlike other mango hot sauce makers, he didn't stop there:  He introduced smoky chipotle to add depth of flavor and a mysteriously dark richness that will have you dreaming of sun-drenched beaches and beautifully bronzed skin. It's fantastic with pork, tuna steaks and anything hot off the grill.

Mangonesian Hot Sauce
Ahi means fire, and Tahiti Joe's Volcano Ahi Hot Sauce lives up to its name. He's taken the heat up a notch to a healthy medium-hot from his original Polynesian hot sauce, but without compromising its enticing flavor. If that's not enough for you, however, even hotter is Ahi Of Kahuna XX Hot Sauce, with key lime juice for a citrusy tang and Romano cheese added to the Parmesan for extra richness to balance out the heat. Don't worry, you'll still be able to enjoy that distinctive savory-sweet flavor behind the fiery-hot heat.

Now we're entering the realm of the serious fiery-foods addict, where more delicate palates don't dare to venture but where intrepid fire-hunters discover peppery treasures like Tahiti Joe's Kumawanakilya XXX Hot Pepper Sauce. The primary ingredient in this super-hot but extract-free tropical hot sauce is the Habanero pepper, in all its flaming glory. As with the other hot sauces in this family, there's clam juice, honey, fresh vegetables like onion & garlic, and savory spices & seasonings -- but this time, there's no cheese to temper the heat. Taste it only if you dare.

The hottest of this bunch of island-inspired Polynesian hot sauces is Tahiti Joe's Uhan'E Akai XXXX Hot Sauce, which starts off where the prior one ended but adds crushed dried bhut jolokia (aka ghost pepper) flakes for a naturally unforgiving heat that will have you simultaneously begging for mercy and yet begging for more. This recipe is enhanced with zippy ginger and the bright flavors of cilantro for unforgettable gourmet flavor.

Tahiti Joe's Uhan'E Akai XXXX Hot Sauce
These are only a few of the delightfully unusual and uncommonly good tropical style hot sauces by this Florida-based creative chilihead who can't get enough of Tahiti and other island paradises. To see his entire line of hot sauces and condiments, simply visit our Tahiti Joe's Hot Sauces page.

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PS: The next time you need a gift for a hot sauce lover who has a taste for adventure, give them Tahiti Joe's Super 6 Pack Hot Sauce Gift Set, with full-size bottles of six of his most popular creations (the original Polynesian, the teriyaki-inspired Tahiti Aki Sauce, the Italian fusion sauce Tropi-Garlic Hot Sauce, plus Volcano Ahi, Ahi Of Kahuna XX, and Kumawanakilya XXX).

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