Monday, October 6, 2008

Louisiana Bayou Blend Seasoning

Who ever said that a seasoning must have salt to be flavorful? Or that you can't make Cajun food without a hefty dose of sodium? If you've always thought that you can't live without salt, or that there aren't any tasty salt-free seasonings out there, you're about to be proven wrong by Louisiana Bayou Blend Seasoning, one of the newest products to arrive at the Carolina Sauce Company online store. Made in Cajun country and packing a serious flavor punch, Louisiana Bayou Blend Seasoning is made with a secret blend of black pepper, garlic and other spices that is so tasty you'll forget it's salt-free. The heat level is only mildly spicy, which means it's great for the whole family. Use this seasoning blend in all your Cajun and creole recipes, and in anything else where you want to add zesty, savory flavor without adding sodium or too much peppery heat. In my kitchen at home, Louisiana Bayou Blend is one of the handful of all-purpose seasonings that I reach for regularly to spice up meat, chicken, seafood, veggies, and even salad. Regardless of whether your dietary needs require you to use low sodium or no sodium products, Louisiana Bayou Blend Seasoning is sure to please palates of all ages and sensitivities. Order it today from the Carolina Sauce Company!

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