Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mama T's Tropical Island Seasoning & Rub

Mama T's Tropical Island Seasoning & Rub reminds me of the savory herbs and spices my Mom uses when cooking some of her delicious Cuban recipes, especially roast chicken, pork chops, and sauteed vegetable side dishes. This comes as no surprise to me, because both my Mom and Mama T were born and raised in Cuba and are almost the same exact age. And both ladies sure can cook up some good food! Mama T's Tropical Island Seasoning is an all-natural blend of oregano, parsley and several other herbs with garlic, onion, salt and other savory ingredients plus a bit of citrusy orange peel, producing a rich palette of flavors that complements chicken and other poultry, fish and seafood, pork, vegetables and salads. Use it as a rub and marinade seasoning, or sprinkle it generously on food while cooking. I whisk it into extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar or lime juice to make a quick and easy vinaigrette for tossed salads and steamed veggies like cauliflower or broccoli. Mama T's Tropical Island Seasoning does not contain any chile peppers or red or black pepper, so there's no heat to burn more sensitive palates -- but even if you're a serious chilihead like I am, you won't be left missing the fire, because there's plenty of aromatic herbal flavor and pleasantly pungent garlic (without the bite of fresh garlic). There are no carbs, either, making it an ideal seasoning or dry rub for people on a low carb diet.

This versatile, North Carolina-made but Cuban-inspired all-purpose natural seasoning comes in a generous, 62-serving bottle (a serving is 1 teaspoon), so you really get your money's worth. And best of all, Mama T's Tropical Island Seasoning & Rub is currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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