Friday, October 31, 2008

Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese Sauce

The famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY (birthplace of the original Buffalo style hot wings) has heeded the requests from customers asking for their blue cheese dipping sauce, and it is now finally available for you to enjoy at home! Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese Sauce is THE sauce you need for dipping hot wings (and celery and carrot sticks too) and enjoying an authentic Buffalo wing dining experience. Rich and creamy, with chunks of real blue cheese, and made in Buffalo NY using the Anchor Bar's own recipe, this bleu cheese dipping sauce perfectly complements the peppery heat and tang of Buffalo wings -- and will provide blissful relief if you're chowing down on "suicide wings" or other ultra-hot culinary creations. In fact, I can't imagine trying to eat hot wings made with Anchor Bar Suicidal Wing Sauce or DEFCON 1 Extreme Heat Wing Sauce without a side of Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese on hand. But when I'm not snacking on chicken wings, I still sometimes get the hankerin' for a zesty blue cheese dip for other snacks like potato chips, pretzels or raw veggies. At such times, Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese Dipping Sauce satisfies my cravings, and I bet it'll hit the spot with you, too! Available now from the Carolina Sauce Company.

Zestfully yours,

PS: We've now expanded our popular Hot Wings Gift Set to include a jar of Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese Sauce, in addition to the 4 tasty varieties of wing sauce in that gift set!

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