Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trinidad Extra Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce

If you enjoy fiery Caribbean hot sauces and you're looking for one that has something extra in the flavor department, then Trinidad Extra Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce is the hot sauce for you. The primary ingredient is habanero peppers, ensuring a seriously hot burn. But instead of the typical Caribbean hot sauce base of vinegar & carrots, Trinidad hot sauce has a much more satisfying flavor thanks to a variety of vegetables including onions, green peppers and celery, plus ginger, mustard, and special herbs and spices that are unique to Trinidad & Tobago. This superb hot sauce has won numerous national awards including Best Hot Pepper Sauce at the National Fiery Foods Show, and the honors are well-deserved. Use Trinidad Extra Hot Habanero Sauce as a table sauce to spice up any dish, or add it to marinades, chili, stews and other recipes. Of course, it's a great way to add flavor and fire to traditional Caribbean foods -- and the label has easy recipes for you to try in your kitchen. If you're counting carbs, you'll be pleased to know that this hot sauce has NO carbs at all. And it's pretty low in sodium, too, with only 70 mg per serving. Buy Trinidad Extra Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce at the Carolina Sauce Company online store, where it's currently on sale!

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