Sunday, October 5, 2008

Smokin' Cole's Original BBQ Dry Rub

Smokin' Cole's Original BBQ Rub is a sweet & savory blend of salt, dried chilies and other spices for a seasoning that works wonders with ribs, pork butt, brisket, and anything else you want to grill. The sweetness comes from evaporated cane juice, and the result is a mouthwatering caramelized crust that seals in the meat's juices and enhances the savory flavors. This award-winning dry rub is made by the same folks who brought us Smokin' Cole's Original Barbecue Sauce, and the heat level of both is a pleasantly spicy medium but on the milder side of medium (as opposed to the hotter side), making them crowd-pleasers by striking the perfect balance of flavor with a peppery kick.

In addition to using Smokin' Cole's BBQ Dry Rub the obvious way (on ribs and other meats), we've also enjoyed it as a seasoning for roast chicken, sauteed potatoes & onions, steamed or microwaved vegetables, and even on popcorn. In fact, when I'm in the mood for a fat-free but flavorful tossed salad, I forego dressing and instead liberally sprinkle Smokin' Cole's BBQ Dry Rub on my salad and then squeeze half a lemon or lime over the whole thing and toss. The sweet-salty-spicy-citrusy flavors satisfy my palate without adding the calories and fat that ordinary salad dressing would. Of course, Greg thinks I'm weird for doing this, but we both agree that Smokin' Cole's Dry Rub really shines when used as intended, to season ribs and other hearty fare before smoking, grilling, broiling or roasting.

You can get both the Smokin' Cole's BBQ Sauce and the Dry Rub at the Carolina Sauce Company - and you'll get a free award-winning recipe when you order either product!

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