Friday, October 24, 2008

Bubba's Special Sauce

Bubba's Special Sauce is a salsa/hot sauce hybrid that's the sort of condiment you'd make at home if you had access to ripe, garden-fresh tomatoes and peppers, and the time to cook from scratch. The texture is closer to that of a spoonable smooth salsa rather than a thin, pourable hot sauce -- and Bubba's Special Sauce comes in a wide-mouth jar that's perfect for spooning out the sauce. There's no harsh vinegar edge like you find in ordinary grocery store hot sauces -- instead, the pleasant acidity comes from lemon juice. Cayenne peppers and dried habanero pepper powder supply the fiery heat that rates a medium-hot on my taste buds: fierce enough to deserve the name "hot sauce", but not so extreme so as to overpower the flavors of your food.

You can enjoy Bubba's Special Sauce straight from the jar with chips like you would a salsa, or spoon it onto burgers and egg dishes as a spicy alternative to ketchup. Similarly, you can dip french fries and onion rings in it, and use it as a condiment for all sorts of grilled and fried foods. Bubba's Special Sauce also serves as a convenient and spicy replacement for pureed or diced tomatoes in recipes for chili, stews, meatloaf and other ground meat dishes. In fact, as I type this post Greg is preparing a crockpot-full of his scrumptious venison chili in which he's substituted about half a jar of Bubba's Special Sauce for some of the tomatoes in his recipe. I can't wait to try the results tomorrow, after it cooks all night! You can find Bubba's Special Sauce in the Hot Sauce section of the Carolina Sauce Company online store.

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