Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fire & Ice: Magma & Frostbite Hot Sauces Now Available!

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Two of our newest hot sauces at the Carolina Sauces online store look really cool and burn really hot. I like to call this pair "Fire & Ice," and together they make a memorable gift for a fiery-foods fan, hot sauce collector, or anyone who claims they've never had a hot sauce that was too hot.

First, the "Fire," which is Magma Hot Sauce. Inspired by the Lava Lamp, this fascinating hot sauce consists of a clear base liquid on which is suspended a pool of pure, bright-orange capsaiacin extract, the oily substance that's responsible for the burning sensation produced by hot peppers. When the bottle sits undisturbed, this fiery oil floats at the top in a thin, barely visible layer. Tilt or turn over the bottle, however, and Magma comes to life as the extract floats up, down and through the clear base liquid, much like the colored "bubbles" that ooze in a lava lamp (see photo on left). As you can imagine, a bottle of Magma Hot Sauce can provide endless hours of amusement in the right person's hands, without even opening the bottle. But if you actually want to eat this hot sauce, make sure you shake it vigorously until the extract is fully blended into the base and the sauce becomes a uniform light orange color. You can then use it, a drop at a time (it is VERY hot, due to the pepper extract), to add fiery heat to any served food or recipe. The nice thing about using Magma as a hot sauce (rather than merely as a toy) is that it is flavor-neutral, adding only heat without altering or masking the natural flavors of your food.

Buy Frostbite Hot Sauce
The "Ice" in this diabolical duo is Frostbite Hot Sauce, billed as the world's first white hot sauce. Eerily milky-white and almost pearlescent, this hot sauce is aptly named as to its appearance. But just like its namesake, Frostbite Hot Sauce will produce a painful burn if you're not careful. In fact, its heat level has been rated in the 500,000 to 600,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Unit) range, putting it squarely in the "ultra-hot" or "extreme hot sauce" category. This should come as no surprise when you consider the ingredients: Nothing but vinegar, pepper extract and salt. In addition to its unique color (or lack thereof), Frostbite stands apart from other extracts or extract-spiked hot sauces in that it is water-soluble, meaning that it will incorporate completely into any food or beverage without leaving any oily residue that can separate or float to the top. This quality, along with its being flavorless and colorless, makes Frostbite ideal for blending into beverages like lemonade, sodas, cocktails, juices and other drinks. And of course you can also use it in recipes and at the table--just be sure to go gently at first so as to not experience a fiery "brain freeze."

These and other ultra-hot hot sauces are on sale now at the Carolina Sauce Company.

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PS: If you'd like to save some money and get BOTH Magma and Frostbite or send them to someone as a gift, then you'll want our Frostbite & Magma Hot Sauces Gift Set.

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