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New Ghost Pepper Hot Sauces at Carolina Sauce

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It's been hellishly hot in North Carolina the past few weeks, so we've decide to run with the "extreme heat" theme in selecting new products to add to the Carolina Sauces online store.

Among the new hot sauces now available from us are several made with the Ghost Pepper (also called the bhut or naga jolokia pepper), which is widely regarded as the world's hottest pepper. While some ghost pepper hot sauces are solely about the heat level and don't even attempt to taste good, the following ones stand out from the crowd either because their heat-level is actually tolerable (assuming you're an experienced chilehead), or because they have intriguing and/or palate-pleasing flavors along with the extreme heat, or because they make good gifts or collector's items.

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The first of the bunch is Green Ghost Hot Sauce, a curiously deep green hot sauce that combines jalapeno peppers, habanero peppers and naga jolokia chilis for multi-layered flavor and fire: The jalapenos lend their verdant color and trademark "grassy" flavor while the habaneros add citrus flavor notes that complement the intense heat and unique flavor of the jolokia. Somewhat tamer in heat than most ghost pepper hot sauces, Green Ghost Hot Sauce is a good choice when you want to add a jolt of lingering heat to foods you'd normally spice with jalapenos, including chicken, seafood, vegetables, rice, beans, stir-fry dishes, green curries and the like.

Lethal Ingestion Jolokia Hot Sauce is interesting in that it is made from the rare fatalii chile along with red savina habanero peppers and ghost peppers, pureed with just a bit of vinegar and no other ingredients for a firey-foods-fanatic's tasting pleasure. The three different peppers add their own characteristics and heat for a purity of true pepper flavor that's hard to find in other extreme hot sauces, making it an excellent choice for cooking and using at the table (in very small quantities of course). But even if you don't plan on actually using this sauce--and I consider it to be the most "food friendly" of the bunch--the eye-catching label and packaging make it quite popular as a collectible hot sauce.

Buy Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce
Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce comes to us from the same pyromaniacs who gave us Da Bomb The Final Answer, which for years was the hottest hot sauce we sold (we now carry a few pepper extracts that deliver even more excruciating, weapons-level heat). What differentiates Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce from other jolokia sauces is its inspired base of mango, lime juice and water, and its omission of capsaiacin or pepper extract to boost the heat. The result is an intensely hot sauce that lacks the harshness or "chemical" aftertaste of other super-hot sauces. The subtle tropical flavor, enhanced by the use of habaneros as well as the fruit, means that this ghost pepper sauce will complement island cuisine or tropical recipes whether originating in the West Indies or in India.

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Another unique jolokia sauce is The Ghost Hot Sauce, which combines ingredients common in Caribbean hot sauces--papaya, lime, carrots, onion and garlic--with a hefty amount of Indian bhut jolokia peppers, while again leaving out any extract. These ingredients help to bring out the natural flavor of the jolokia more so than with other ghost pepper sauces, so choose The Ghost Hot Sauce if you actually want to taste this unique pepper rather than simply experience its extreme heat. The Ghost is a good choice for heartier, more robust dishes especially grilled or broiled meat or poultry, chili or stews, curries, and the like.

Buy Mad Dog .357 Sauces
Finally, we've added a handful of new Mad Dog .357 hot sauces, which are always a big hit among hot sauce collectors as well as shooters and gun enthusiasts. The tamest of the bunch, Mad Dog .357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, is nevertheless hotter than the other three hot sauces listed above, courtesy of a fair quantity of pepper extract. This powerful sauce stands out in that it blends peri-peri peppers (aka South African birdseye peppers) in with the jolokia peppers. Next up on the heat ladder is Mad Dog .357 Collector's Edition, which is available either with a golden bullet keychain or with a gun keychain. Both of these ultra-hot hot sauces pack 600,000 SHUs (Scoville Heat Units) of lethal firepower and rely on habaneros, specially-bred extra-hot cayenne peppers, and a healthy dose of pepper extract. Finally, the deadliest of the bunch is Mad Dog .357 Silver Collector's Edition Hot Sauce, sporting a bullet keychain with a secret compartment that hides a tasting spoon. This baby delivers a powerful 750,000 SHU wallop of heat and should be handled with the greatest of care.

All of these ghost pepper hot sauces are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company, along with other new ultra-hot sauces that will be featured here in the near future.

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