Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two New Sauces: Jim Beam Steak Sauce & Bourbon Marinade

Jim Beam Steak Sauce
Previously available only as part of our popular Jim Beam Sauces Gift Box, we are pleased to announce that Jim Beam Bourbon Steak Sauce and Jim Beam Bourbon Marinade are now available individually at the Carolina Sauces online store!

Even if you normally don't eat your steak with sauce, chances are that you will be impressed with the rich and smooth, deep dark flavors of Jim Beam Steak Sauce, a sophisticated and masculine sauce that will complement, not overshadow, the natural flavors of steak and other meat. The earthy sweetness comes from raisins and just the right amount of sugar, while the jalapenos supply a spark of peppery heat without turning this into a hot steak sauce. Tomatoes, vinegar, onion and garlic provide a savory tang, while a splash of Kentucky bourbon brings together all of these different flavor notes into a well-blended, confident and mellow whole. Not only does this steak sauce bring out the best in any steak, it will also enhance burgers, pork, roasts, venison and other game. Add some to your meatloaf or sloppy Joes recipe for a new dimension in deliciousness.

Jim Beam Marinade
Another excellent choice for the meat lover is Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Marinade, which will not only tenderize meat but will also keep it juicy and moist regardless of whether you grill it, roast it, broil it or bake it. The Worcestershire and soy sauces deliver layers of complex flavors while the sesame oil and seeds provide a richness and body that many thinner, lesser marinades woefully lack. And the bourbon brings subtle hints of wood, vanilla and spice for incomparable depth. Big and bold enough to stand up to grass-fed beef, wild boar, venison, elk and other hearty meats, Jim Beam Marinade also plays nicely with chicken, duck, pheasant and other poultry or fowl. Be adventurous and try it on shrimp, swordfish, portobello mushrooms, grilled summer squash and more.

Both of these Jim Beam sauces are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company, along with other extraordinary steak sauces and hard-to-find marinades.

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