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Carolina Sauce Newsletter: Sizzling Summer Savings & Zesty Recipe

Sizzling New Sauces & July Coupon Sale!

Stupid TexasThe summer heat is sizzling, and so are some of the newest arrivals at the Carolina Sauce Company. Keep reading to find out what's new, then use coupon code Heatwave2012 at checkout to save 5% off your product total at the Carolina Sauces online store, good through July 31, 2012--and yes, these savings are in addition to our already-reduced sale prices! Whether you're searching for tongue-tingling hot sauces, or craving finger-lickin' good BBQ sauces, or stocking up on zesty condiments like mustard & ketchup or salsa & relish, we have what you need at rock-bottom prices. Our newest products include:

NEW Gift Boxes & Gift Packs:

"Fiery Fruits" Gift Box with Maui Pepper Company Hot Sauces, which is sure to please fans of sweet & spicy tropical hot sauces. Comes with a full-size bottle each of Mango Meltdown Hot Sauce (medium-hot), Xtreme Heat Mango Meltdown (hot), Apple Sass Hot Sauce (medium), and Maui Pepper Berry Mangolo Mango Hot Sauce (hot).

Melinda's Hot Sauce 3-Pack Gift Box, featuring three of Melinda's most popular classic Caribbean-style habanero hot sauces: The original Melinda's Habanero Pepper Sauce, her Extra Hot Habanero Sauce, and her scorching XXXtra Hot Habanero Hot Sauce, all made with 100% natural ingredients for pure habanero flavor and fire. This was one of our best-selling Father's Day gifts!

*Mad Dog .357 Hot Sauce Gift Box: This one's for serious fiery-foods fanatics who prefer extreme heat, and it's also a cool gift for for shooters and gun enthusiasts. Comes with a full-size bottle each of the following Mad Dog .357 ultra-hot sauces: The new Ghost Pepper (featuring the jolokia aka ghost pepper, rated the world's hottest); the original Mad Dog .357 (with 357,000 SHU of heat); the Collector's Edition with golden bullet keychain (rated at 600,000 SHU); and the Silver Collector's Edition with silver bullet keychain (750,000 SHU) with a mini tasting spoon hidden in a secret compartment inside the bullet.

NEW Hot Sauces

Magma Hot Sauce: Looks like a lava lamp, and burns like lava from an active volcano! A generous dollop of pure pepper extract is suspended in the clear liquid sauce base for the lava-lamp effect. Shake well to blend, then enjoy by the drop on anything you want to ignite.

* Frostbite Hot Sauce is the world's first white hot sauce and delivers an icy-hot burn. Because it dissolves colorlessly in water, it's ideal for spicing up cocktails, lemonade, soda and other beverages, as well as clear broths, soups, and more.

Ghost Pepper Hot Sauces: We have several new ones, including The Ghost (a Caribbean style hot sauce that blends jolokia peppers with papaya and passionfruit in a traditional savory carrot-lime juice base with a dash of garlic & onion); Green Ghost Hot Sauce (jalapenos provide the eerie green color plus their own distinctive heat when blended with jolokias, habaneros and a splash of pepper extract); Da Bomb Ghost Pepper (a surprisingly edible ultra-hot blend of ghost peppers, habanero & mango without the addition of extract so there's no odd aftertaste); and Lethal Ingestion Jolokia Hot Sauce (bottled to look like a hazardous industrial chemical, this unique combination of fatalii peppers, red savina chiles and ghost peppers delivers intriguing peppery flavor and a spectrum of heat levels).

Pure Poison is only for those who've built up a tolerance to extreme hot sauces, or have on hand an antidote (I recommend a glass of cold milk). If habanero hot sauces usually aren't hot enough for you, this habanero sauce will change your mind thanks to the addition of capsaicin extract to magnify and prolong the burn but without masking that trademark habanero flavor.

* Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce comes in an eye-catching box and will have you bursting into flames if you use too much. Similar in heat to the original Dave's Insanity Sauce, the difference is that this one tastes like a traditional Caribbean habanero hot sauce (unlike Dave's Insanity) but with FAR more heat than a traditional sauce.

Z Nothing Beyond Hot Sauce: Don't be intimidated by the name--while Z is indeed supremely hot, it rewards your courage with an enticing tropical flavor from guava, passion fruit, banana, papaya and pineapple in a savory West Indian-style mustard-vinegar-habanero-tomato base.

New Mad Dog Hot Sauces: All of the hot sauces featured in our new Mad Dog .357 Gift Box are also available individually, namely Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Sauce (a unique blend of jolokias with peri peri peppers & habaneros), Collector's Edition .357 packing 600,000 SHUs of fiery heat and available with a golden bullet keychain or, if you prefer, with a miniature gun keychain; and the hottest of the bunch, the Silver Collector's Edition which a blistering 750,000 SHU of heat and a bullet keychain that hides a tasting spoon in a secret compartment.

BACK IN STOCK: Il Primo Peppers!

After being MIA due to manufacturing difficulties, we're pleased to announce that
Il Primo Giardiniera (a mix of hot & mild peppers and other marinated vegetables) and Il Primo Sport Peppers are both back in stock! These famous Italian condiments from Chicago are the perfect complement to everything from hamburgers to subs (aka heroes, grinders, hoagies) and other sandwiches, sausages to salads, scrambled eggs to relish trays... and don't even think of serving a Chicago hot dog without heaping on the Sport Peppers! Both are on sale, too--and don't forget to use our Heatwave2012 coupon to save an extra 5% off!

You can see ALL our newest products on our
New Products Page.

July Recipe: Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Roasting Red Peppers
Roasting peppers, Flickr photo by Tropic~7
Here's our take on a recipe from the folks at Maui Pepper Company. You can roast the peppers on your grill or under the broiler, or quickly cook them in your microwave oven. Substitute orange bell peppers and toss in a minced scotch bonnet pepper or orange habanero for a fiery-hot, bright-orange dip. It's devilishly delicious with raw veggies, crackers, chips or pita wedges!

2 red bell peppers
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
8oz package of Neufchatel or lite cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup lowfat or fat-free plain Greek yogurt
1/2 to 1 Tbs (to taste) Maui Pepper Mango Meltdown or other similar hot sauce

Halve peppers lengthwise, remove core & seeds, then roast/cook on grill (cut side up), under broiler (cut side down), or in the microwave (cut side down in shallow dish with 1 Tbs water, cover with plastic wrap leaving 1 vented corner, microwave until tender: 8-10 mins). When peppers are cool enough to handle, remove as much skin as you can (rub off if grilled/broiled, or use a spoon to scoop out the flesh if microwaved). Place pepper flesh in blender or food processor with remaining ingredients, process until smooth. Transfer to serving bowl and refrigerate at least 1 hour or until ready to serve.

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