Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Hot Sauce Gift Box for Shooters & Gun Enthusiasts

Do you love guns? How about hot sauce? If you or someone you know can answer "Yes" to both of those questions, the new Mad Dog .357 Hot Sauce Gift Box from the Carolina Sauces online store is a "must have," just like the .357 Magnum revolver for which this gift box--and the four hot sauces in it--is named.

Mad Dog hot sauces are coveted by fans of hot and spicy foods for their superior firepower, much like a good revolver is desired by a handgun enthusiast. In addition to their somewhat "tamer" basic product line which includes Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce, the folks at Mad Dog produce a line of high-quality, super-hot hot sauces made from 357,000 SHU (scoville heat units) habanero peppers and sold under the .357 name. Four of the most popular sauces in that line are included in this hot sauce gift box, one full-size (5 oz) bottle of each. These are:

*The original Mad Dog .357 Hot Sauce made with cayenne peppers, habaneros and pepper extract

*The Mad Dog .357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, which adds naga/bhut jolokia (ghost peppers) to the original for a hotter burn

*Mad Dog .357 Hot Sauce Collector's Edition with a golden bullet keychain attached to the bottle

*Mad Dog .357 Hot Sauce Silver Collector's Edition, which is the hottest of the bunch and also comes with a bullet keychain attached to the bottle--but this bullet contains a secret tasting spoon hidden inside it!

The Mad Dog 357 Gift Box makes a great gift for the serious hot sauce collector, the seasoned fiery-foods enthusiast, and the person who's passionate about guns. Order it today from the Carolina Sauce Company while it's on sale.

Zestfully yours,

PS: Mad Dog makes a bunch of different gun-themed hot sauces and pepper extracts, named after the .38 Special, the 44 Magnum, and others...

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