Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two New Wing Sauces: Jolokia Wing Sauce & Jim Beam Bourbon Wing Sauce

Naga Jolokia Wing Sauce
We're in the process of adding some brand-new products to the offerings at the Carolina Sauces online store, and our main focus is wing sauces! If you're not a big fan of Buffalo wings, however, don't despair--we're also looking at adding a few new barbecue sauces as well as some unusually delicious new hot sauces which won't be as silly-hot as the bunch we most recently introduced.

Our first two new wing sauces are both made in the Buffalo style, but are radically different in that one is EXTREMELY hot (it's made using the world's hottest chili, the ghost pepper aka naga jolokia or bhut jolokia pepper), and the other is SUPREMELY flavorful (it's made with a splash of real Kentucky bourbon whiskey).

Jolokia 10 Wing Sauce gets is name from the fearsome jolokia pepper and from its resulting 10-out-of-10 extreme heat level. If you enjoy eating "suicide wings" and other super-hot Buffalo wings, this is the ultra-hot wing sauce for you. What makes this naga jolokia wing sauce different from others is that it comes by its heat naturally, without the artificial enhancement (and accompanying off-flavors) of pepper extracts. Instead, it relies on a blend of super-hot chile peppers including the ghost pepper, Red Savina habaneros, chile caribe, cayenne peppers (a must for a Buffalo style sauce) and a hefty dose of black pepper to boot. The mouthfeel is appropriately rich and the savory flavor is well-balanced due to the tomato-butter base. In short, Jolokia 10 Wing Sauce actually tastes good and makes you want to have more, notwithstanding its extreme heat. In addition to its obvious use on chicken wings, it's an excellent choice for making other Buffalo-style dishes such as Buffalo shrimp, or even as a tangy-fiery-savory dipping sauce for anything from mozzarella sticks to French fries. Just make sure you have a big glass of milk or water--or a side of blue cheese dip or ranch dressing--to quench the flames.

Jim Beam Bourbon Wing Sauce
For folks who are much more interested in palate-pleasing layers of flavor than in tongue-searing levels of painful heat, we now carry Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Wing Sauce, a Buffalo wing connoisseur's dream of a sauce. The smooth buttery body of this wing sauce is the perfect delivery vehicle of the deep, rich and mellow flavor produced by the addition of Jim Beam bourbon to the traditional Buffalo wing sauce base. There's enough tang to be true to form, and a respectable medium level of peppery heat, too, making this an elegant and yet manly choice for dressing your chicken wings. But don't limit it just to wings: In addition to complementing Buffalo shrimp, you can enjoy Jim Beam Wing Sauce with grilled chicken or shrimp, too.

Both of these wing sauces and other new products are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company.

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