Monday, July 30, 2012

"Pain is Good" Wing Sauces are Now in Stock!

Pain is Good Honey Habanero Wing Sauce
Continuing with our wing sauce theme, the two newest arrivals at the Carolina Sauce Company are delightfully different--and devilishly delicious--takes on the traditional Buffalo wing sauce. Both come from the same creative folks who make the Pain is Good hot sauces, with the famous "screaming face" labels. Consistent with that brand's image, both of the new wing sauces bear the Pain is Good name and a screaming face on the label. But more importantly, consistent with their commitment to making hot sauces and zesty products that actually taste good (instead of being just about the heat), these two new Pain is Good wing sauces are packed with palate-pleasing flavors, along with just the right amount of heat to live up to the Pain is Good name.

The first new sauce is Pain is Good Honey Habanero Screamin' Wing Sauce, a blissful marriage of sweet honey and fiery habanero peppers in a tangy, tomato-enriched base. This HOT wing sauce is firmly rooted in its Buffalo style origins, with solid red pepper hot sauce sass, but the addition of tropical habanero peppers ratchet up the heat considerably and add that subtle citrus brightness that habaneros are famous (and prized) for. The sweetness from honey and brown sugar has a mellow depth that brings everything together and smooths out any sharpness without turning this sauce too sweet, the way that corn syrup or regular white sugar would do. And because this wing sauce includes a bit of olive oil and canola oil among the ingredients, it will seal in the juices and flavor of your wings and cling to them, too--plus you'll be able to enjoy Honey Habanero Wing Sauce as a marinade, basting or grilling sauce as well. It's especially good with pork chops, shrimp, vegetable kabobs, and, of course, chicken on the grill. Feel free to enjoy it at the table to add oomph to stir-fry, Chinese or Mexican dishes, rice & beans, and on Buffalo shrimp or batter-fried veggies.

Sweet Caribbean Jerk Wing Sauce
Our second new arrival is Pain is Good Sweet Caribbean Jerk Screamin' Wing Sauce. Gentler on the heat scale but bursting with even more intriguing flavors, this one-of-a-kind wing sauce is inspired by Jamaica's exotic jerk seasonings and spices. Unlike true Jamaican jerks, however, Sweet Caribbean Jerk Wing Sauce skips the incendiary scotch bonnet peppers and instead turns to tamer cayenne peppers for a mildly spicy heat that will allow you to eat all the wings you want without burning out.  Ketchup and brown sugar add rich but not overpowering sweetness, while the jerk spices and Worcestershire sauce balance things out with plenty of savory flavor notes. And once again, there's a bit of canola and olive oil in this recipe, allowing you to expand your culinary horizons by letting this sauce double as a cooking, marinating, grilling or table sauce on everything from meats and chicken to seafood and vegetables.

Both new flavors of Pain is Good Wing Sauce are made with all-natural ingredients and have no preservatives, and they're currently on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store.

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