Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 Outrageously Hot Hot Sauce Gifts

Hot Sauce Gifts
Dave's 2012 & Blair's 2AM/3AM
If there's a serious chilehead, fiery-foods fanatic or hard-core hot sauce collector on your Christmas gift, it's not too late to get them one of these outrageously hot, ultra-fiery, and attention-grabbing hot sauce gift sets from the Carolina Sauce Company:

1.  Dave's 2012 Private Reserve & Blair's 2AM/3AM Gift Set:  Each year, the makers of the infamous Dave's Insanity Sauce issue a limited-edition Private Reserve Insanity Sauce that's at least three times hotter than Dave's other hot sauces.  Each bottle is numbered and hand-signed by Dave himself, and packed in a wooden coffin wrapped with yellow "Caution" tape. Collectors snap up these Private Reserve sauces and older editions have reportedly sold for over a thousand dollars. Similarly, the creators of the notorious Blair's Death hot sauces have released limited-edition pepper extracts of extreme intensity in beautiful hand-signed designer glass bottles topped with Italian red and yellow waxes.  This connoisseur's Gift Set comes with all three of these highly-sought-after limited-edition hot sauces, at a savings of over $47 off the regular price if you ordered the 3 items separately.
Blair's Death Pure Evil Gift Set
1 Million Scoville Club

2.  Pure Evil & Ultra Death "1 Million Scoville Club" Gift Set:  Only the most serious of chileheads dare to join the 1 Million Scoville Club, where the intensity of the burn is relentless and the searing heat reaches new levels of pain (and pleasure, if you're in the Club). If you know someone who qualifies, give them the 1 Million Scoville Club Gift Set, which comes with a bottle of Pure Evil Capsaicin Drops, made with all-natural 15-million SHU pure capsaicin that's odorless and flavorless so that it only adds heat without altering the flavor or color of a food or beverage, AND a bottle of Blair's Ultra Death Hot Sauce, made with Naga Jolokia (ghost pepper) chilies and rated at over 1 million SHU (scoville heat units) of heat.  This incendiary Gift Set saves you almost $11 off the list price if you purchased the two items separately.

Mad Dog Pepper Extracts
3.  Mad Dog Pepper Extracts Gift Set:  This deluxe gift set is ideal for the collector of Mad Dog Hot Sauces, the extract aficionado, and the creative sauce-maker who enjoys experimenting with different levels of heat when creating their own special hot sauces, fiery BBQ sauces, and other fiendish condiments. It comes with a bottle each of the latest and hottest Mad Dog extracts: Mad Dog 22 Midnight Special Pepper Extract (2,000,000 SHU), Mad Dog 44 Magnum Pepper Extract (4,000,000 SHU), Mad Dog 38 Special Pepper Extract (3,000,000 SHU), and Mad Dog 357 Pepper Extract (5,000,000 SHU).  Purchased separately, these extreme pepper extracts would run over $172... but when you buy this Gift Set with all four extracts, you pay only $131.00 for the set!

No Survivors Hot Sauce Gift Box
No Survivors Gift Box
4.  No Survivors Hot Sauce Gift Box:  A favorite of US military personnel, this ready-to-wrap hot sauce gift box comes with four classic ultra-hot hot sauces that are always popular with people who enjoy eating super-hot foods and prefer extreme hot sauces that are versatile and edible, not merely painful. The sturdy white gift box contains a full-size bottle each of the original Dave's Insanity Sauce (widely credited with starting the ultra-hot hot sauce "arms race" some years ago), Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot Sauce (a classic Caribbean hot sauce from Belize that's made with local habanero peppers specially selected for their heat), Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce (a surprisingly tasty jalapeno-extract hot sauce with a touch of molasses, a hint of cloves and other spices), and Endorphin Rush (a rich and savory extract hot sauce made with tomatoes, molasses and soy sauce). This gift box normally retails for $22 but you pay only $17.95 during our Christmas sale.

Blair's Death Sauces
Blair's Ultra Reserve Death Pack
5.  Blair's Ultra Reserve Death Pack:  This coveted gift set is perfect for fans and collectors of Blair's Death hot sauces as well as anyone who appreciates well-made, all-natural, extreme-heat hot sauces and pepper extracts.  Not only does it come with TWO bottles each of Blair's Mega Death Sauce, Blair's Pure Death Naga Jolokia Sauce, and Blair's (new) Ultra Death Sauce, (all six with the famous skull keychain which has become Blair's "calling card"), but it ALSO includes a bottle each of the prized limited-edition Blair's 2AM and Blair's 3AM pepper extracts in hand-signed designer bottles sealed with fine Italian waxes in red, yellow, white and black.  This gift set is flying off the shelves, which should come at no surprise when you realize it's on sale for $41 below its regular price!!

Christmas is right around the corner, so don't delay any longer - send one or more of these ultra-hot hot sauce gifts to your favorite chilehead or collector, and order them while they're on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store.

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