Friday, December 28, 2012

Gallons, Half-Gallons & Minis, Oh My!

Dave's Insanity Sauce Gallon
By popular demand, the Carolina Sauces online store now offers gallon and half-gallon size jugs of select hot sauces and BBQ grilling sauces! Whether you own a restaurant, food truck or catering service, or if you're planning a family reunion, company party, barbecue or cooking for a crowd--or if you simply consume large quantities of your favorite hot sauce or condiment--buying sauce by the gallon or half-gallon is a great way to save money, especially since it doesn't tend to spoil. Plus, it's "greener," too, because you'll go through less packaging and burn less fuel by avoiding multiple shipments of smaller bottles.

Our Gallon/Half-Gallon Hot Sauces page is where you can browse through our entire selection, but for your convenience, here's the list (you can click on the name of the product to go directly to its order page):

The original Cholula Hot Sauce in a half-gallon plastic jug: This is one of Mexico's most popular (and tastiest) hot sauces, made with red peppers and piquin peppers for a spicy medium heat that won't sear your mouth like habanero sauces can.

Dave's Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce in a plastic gallon jug: Made with the fearsome ghost pepper (second only to the scorpion pepper on the heat scale) and flavored with roasted garlic, this is one of the "tamer" and more food-friendly of the super-hot ghost pepper sauces on the market, making it a favorite of serious chileheads who still value flavor over sheer firepower.

The original Dave's Insanity Sauce in a gallon plastic jug: This classic ultra-hot sauce began the hot sauce "arms race" years ago, and the gallon size is ideal for foodservice, restaurant or institutional use, as well as for anyone who wants to make a party-size batch of firehouse chili, "suicide wings" or "atomic Buffalo wings," or add it to their own homemade sauces and condiments to ratchet up the heat.

Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce in a plastic gallon jug: This is the hottest regularly-produced hot sauce from Dave's Gourmet (only his limited-edition Private Reserve Insanity Sauce is hotter), and is about twice as hot as the original Insanity Sauce. Handle with extreme caution, and wear gloves and goggles while dispensing to protect your hands from splashes and your eyes from the fumes.

Trinidad Caribbean Pepper Sauce
Tobago Keys Peruvian Red Grilling Sauce in a gallon plastic jug:  Medium in heat but huge in rich, tangy-sweet flavor, this feisty barbecue and grilling sauce is excellent for marinating, grilling, roasting and basting as well as for enjoying at the table. Superb with meats, poultry and even seafood & veggies, the gallon size is perfect for anyone grilling for a crowd or for the frequent BBQ-er.

Trinidad Caribbean Pepper Sauce (Medium) in a plastic gallon jug: This festive and fiery Caribbean hot sauce is made with cayennes and habaneros in a classic vinegar-mustard base and seasoned with fine herbs and spices for layers of food-friendly flavor that will complement virtually any savory dish.  Fans of hot & spicy food usually buy this versatile hot sauce in the economy gallon size because it goes so well with everything from breakfast to lunch, dinner and late-night snacks. If you happen to prefer a hotter sauce, we also offer the gallon size of Trinidad Caribbean HOT Pepper Sauce, and for hard-core fiery-foods fanatics we have the gallon size of Extra-Hot Trinidad Caribbean Pepper Sauce, also in plastic jugs.

On the opposite end of the SIZE scale are our hot sauce mini-bottles, which are a convenient and portable way to take your favorite hot sauces "on the road" with you so that you don't have to endure bland food when away from home. Hot sauce mini-bottles are also great for sampling new sauces without having to spend money on full-size bottles when you're not sure you'll like the flavor or heat level. And minis are also fun to give as gifts or use as party favors--some even come in gift boxes  You can browse through our mini-bottles on our Mini Hot Sauces page. For your convenience, I've also listed some of the unique mini's below, along with some of the brands that offer mini-sizes of their sauces:

Panola Hot Sauce
Bat's Brew mini hot sauce: A medium-hot habanero & jalapeno hot sauce from Louisiana that's citrusy and savory.

Gator Hammock mini hot sauce: A Florida favorite, this is a medium-hot blend of Cayenne, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet and Jalapeno peppers with a dash of ground black pepper, in a classic vinegar & garlic base.

Panola Gourmet Pepper Sauce mini-bottle: A uniquely thick and rich Louisiana hot sauce made with fresh cayenne and jalapeno peppers, with a mellow medium heat and fabulous pepper flavor.

Vampfire mini hot sauce: From Transylvania, Louisiana, this savory vinegar-pepper hot sauce gets its serious heat from cayenne, Tabasco and habanero peppers

Dave's Gourmet Hot SauceBlair's Death Sauces mini-bottles (intensely hot and with the famous skull keychain hanging from the bottle) and Blair Q Heat exotic hot sauces mini-sampler (featured on the Food Network and in gourmet flavors including wasabi-green tea, jalapeno-tequila, mango-habanero, and chipotle).

Dave's Gourmet mini-bottle samplers with various different flavors & heat levels of Dave's hot sauces, including a 4-bottle gift sampler and a 12-bottle variety pack, and Dave's Insanity mini sampler with 4 different minis from the "insanity" line in a wooden gift box.

Iguana hot sauces mini-bottles in a variety of flavors including Bold Gold Habanero, Red Habanero, Smoky Chipotle and Vicious Jalapeno.

Mad Dog .357 mini hot sauce, a lethally hot extract-based hot sauce that should only be used by the micro-drop.

Pain is Good Hot SauceMarie Sharp's hot sauces in mini-bottles: Seven of her most popular flavors including the original Habanero Hot Sauce, the Green Habanero with nopal (prickly pear cactus), the ultra-hot BEWARE and Belizian Heat sauces, the aptly named Fiery Habanero and Mild Habanero, and citrusy Grapefruit hot sauce.

Pain is Good mini-bottle hot sauces:  The 3 classic flavors (Garlic, Louisiana and Jamaican) plus the new Diva flavors (Jalapeno-Harissa, Jalapeno-Wasabi and Honey-Cayenne), all with the trademark screaming heads on the labels.

And finally, for fans of authentic Jamaican jerk, we have the hefty 9.25 lb tubs of Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, Hot & Spicy.

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PS:  If you're wondering about gallon jugs of Jim's Own Barbecue Sauce, yes we DO have them, in all flavors! You can order them from our Jim's Own BBQ Sauce page, where you'll also find all of the other sizes of Jim's Own Sauce, plus all flavors of Jim's Own Rubs, Gift Baskets and apparel. And you can order the sauces and rubs by the case, too.

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