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Tennessee Whiskey Sauces & Seasonings

Swineapple Rib Glaze & Dipping Sauce
Tennessee Whiskey Swineapple Rib Glaze
Now available at the Carolina Sauces online store, just in time for Christmas cooking and holiday gift-giving, are the fabled Tennessee Whiskey sauces and seasonings from historic Lynchburg, TN!

Praised for their satisfyingly big, bold flavors and rich texture, Tennessee Whiskey sauces are made with a splash of real Jack Daniels Whiskey for deep layers of complex flavors including hints of caramel, oak and dark, earthy smoke.

Here's a quick description each type of sauce and seasoning available, along with "hot links" so that you can simply click on the product name to get additional information and to order online:

Tennessee Whiskey Swineapple Rib Glaze & Dippin' Sauce is a brilliant concoction made from Burgundy wine, apple juice, pineapple and Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey all blended into a sweet and tangy, thick and rich tomato base for what can only be described as outrageously delicious, lip-smackin' and finger-lickin' flavor. It's just mildly spicy, not hot, making it perfect for virtually the whole family. Luscious as a glaze for ribs (pork or beef), chicken and ham, it's also great for basting kabobs and dipping at the table.

Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Jack in the Bean Sauce is mild, not hot or spicy (hence, the label says "no poof" as in no flash point), but it's packed with real tomato flavor and that special balance of sweetness and tang that complements all sorts of hearty grilled foods, from ribs and chops to chicken and kabobs. If you're watching your sugar intake and counting carbs, you'll be pleased to learn that Jack in the Bean BBQ Sauce uses sucralose to replace some of the sugar and other sweeteners used in the original recipe.

Tennessee Whiskey Sweet & Mild Jack Daniels 86 Proof BBQ Sauce: The "proof," or "poof" if you want to match what's on the label, refers to the heat level of this sweet and sassy barbecue sauce, and not the amount of alcohol (although it does use a little bit of Jack Daniels Black Label Sour Mash Whiskey for the sake of flavor). The same mouthwatering flavor found in Jack in the Bean Sauce is spiced up with just enough hot peppers to take the heat level to the milder side of medium, which means you'll be able to enjoy this sauce on everything you grill without burning out your mouth.

Tennessee Whiskey Jack Daniels 100 Proof  Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce won't get you drunk -- the 100 proof (more accurately, the "Poof," as in flash point) is how the folks in Lynchburg rate the heat level of this hot barbecue sauce. A special blend of hot chili peppers are mixed into the original sweet-tangy tomato BBQ sauce recipe, along with some Black Label Sour Mash Whiskey, to deliver a burn that's on the hotter side of medium and will satisfy most spicy-foods lovers.

Historic Lynchburg TN Whiskey Jalapeno Hot Sauce
TN Whiskey Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Tennessee Whiskey Jack Daniels 151 Proof HOT BBQ Sauce is the hottest of the bunch, with a rating of 151 "Poof" (as in spicy firepower, not alcohol proof). An extra dose of fiery hot peppers ratchets up the burn to a very respectable--and yet flavorful--hot level, providing the powerful heat preferred by serious chileheads while preserving that trademark sweet & savory tomato flavor with dark and mellow Black Label Whiskey undertones.

Tennessee Whiskey Jalapeno Hot Sauce takes traditional vinegar-pepper hot sauces to a whole new level by adding a splash of real Jack Daniels whiskey. Not only does this enhance the natural flavor and fire of the jalapenos and cayennes used in this hot sauce, but it also adds hints of oaky, caramel notes that help to mellow the vinegar's edges without softening the medium heat. This all-purpose hot sauce will satisfy adult palates that understand the importance of good taste.

Tennessee Whiskey Habanero Hot Sauce blends fiery habanero peppers and feisty cayennes in a traditional vinegar base that's enhanced by real Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey for a distinctive taste that will bring a smile to a whiskey-lover's face. Packing a solid hot burn, it's an excellent all-purpose choice when you've outgrown boring supermarket hot sauce brands and are ready to enjoy the finer things in life. And it comes in a 6oz bottle (as opposed to the typical 5oz hot sauce size), which means you get more sauce for your dollar.

Tennessee Whiskey Steak & Burger Seasoning
TN Whiskey Steak & Burger Rub
Tennessee Whiskey Steak & Burger Seasoning is a classic savory steakhouse style seasoning featuring Kosher salt, cracked black pepper, herbs and spices plus a touch of red pepper for just a bit of a punch--and also Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey. How they add the whiskey to this dry seasoning is beyond me, but they've succeeded in creating a sophisticated seasoning that will complement steaks, burgers and other red meat with gourmet flavor. Sprinkle liberally on your raw meat and refrigerate for a few hours before grilling or broiling to allow the flavors to penetrate, then sit back and enjoy the feast.

Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Seasoning & Rub is savory-sweet with a sassy, peppery kick that's pleasant and not painful. I don't know how they do it, but they actually make this rub using a little Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey. This BBQ rub is an excellent choice for all sorts of red meats including steaks, ribs, roasts, chops and tenderloin--and it's wonderful on game like venison, pheasant, duck, goose & more. It also enhances chicken and the more flavorful varieties of seafood including tuna steaks, salmon and shrimp. And it's not half-bad on veggie burgers or grilled mushrooms, roasted potatoes and other vegetables!

Tennessee Whiskey "Diabetic Friendly" Deli & Grillin' Sauce is called diabetic-friendly because it replaces some of the sugar in the original barbecue sauce recipes with sucralose (also known by the brand name Splenda®). If you're watching your sugar intake or counting your carbs but still crave the tangy-sweet flavors of a good tomato barbecue & grilling sauce that can also substitute for ketchup, this is the answer for you. It's very mild in terms of heat so it won't burn anyone's tongue. And it's so versatile you can use it on burgers and hot dogs, in chili and meatloaf, or as a grilling and dipping sauce for meats, poultry, seafood & veggies.

All of these sauces are currently on sale if you shop online at Carolina Sauces.

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