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November's Top 10 Best-Selling Products at Carolina Sauce

Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce
Busha Browne's Pukka Sauce
Last month saw the return of many old favorites to our list of best-selling products at the Carolina Sauce Company. Below are the top ten sellers for November:

1. Wells Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce: This eastern North Carolina vinegar barbecue sauce from the little town of Burgaw, NC, is the real deal, and is also our all-time best selling sauce. There are no tomatoes or other thickeners in it because it's made for splashing on pulled (or chopped) pork BBQ, the kind that's slow-smoked for hours and served with some slaw and hush puppies. Wells is also good as a marinade, especially for chicken.

2. Busha Browne's Pukka Sauce: This is a classic colonial-style hot sauce from Jamaica, and is not based on jerk spices. Instead, fiery scotch bonnet peppers take the starring role in this all-purpose vinegar hot sauce, both in terms of flavor and heat. When you're looking for an honest, savory, solidly hot but not overwhelming hot sauce to use at the table or in recipes, you won't go wrong with Pukka Hot Sauce.

3. Matouk's Calypso Sauce: This bright, fiery-hot sauce from Trinidad & Tobago boasts authentic West Indian flavor with its mustard base and aged scotch bonnet peppers. The subtle hint of sweetness takes the harsh edge off the vinegar without turning Calypso into a "sweet" hot sauce. And the thick, rich body makes Matouk's Calypso excellent for slathering on grilled food, burgers, sandwiches and more.

Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning
Walkerswood Jerk
4. Walkerswood Jamaican Jerk Seasoning: Walkerswood is perhaps the best-known name in Jamaican jerk products, and their traditional jerk seasoning is the reason why. This concentrated and highly aromatic jerk paste or "wet rub" is hot and spicy, made the old-fashioned way for authentic Jamaican flavor. Lightly spread it on chicken, meat or fish and let "marinate" in the refrigerator for a few hours (30 minutes is enough for fish), and then grill, roast or bake. You can also use it to season vegetables--it's great with roasted new potatoes. If you're "hard core" when it comes to Jamaican jerk, you'll be glad to know that we also sell Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning in 9.25-lb tubs!

5. Matouk's Flambeau Sauce: This is by far the HOTTEST of the Matouk's family of hot sauces, which should come as no surprise since its main ingredient is pepper mash made from aged, pickled select scotch bonnet peppers. Supremely fiery and yet devilishly delicious, Matouk's Flambeau is preferred by serious chileheads and fiery-foods fanatics who want intense heat without the "off" flavors of extract-enhanced hot sauces.

Scorned Woman Hot Sauce
Scorned Woman Hot Sauce
6. Scorned Woman Hot Sauce: I can't remember a day when I didn't have a bottle of this classic, all-purpose vinegar pepper hot sauce in my refrigerator. Scorned Woman is named after the Shakespeare line about Hell's fury, and this savory, tangy HOT sauce lives up to its namesake. Excellent on everything from scrambled eggs and hash browns, to pizza or sandwiches, soup, chili, stews and all your favorite main courses.

7. Matouk's West Indian Hot Sauce: Similar to Calypso but a little less intense on the heat level and with a pleasant sweetness from tropical papaya, Matouk's West Indian Salsa Picante is the kind of hot sauce that will make even the most jaded critic smile. Fabulous on fish, perfect on poultry, and magnificent on pork and other meats.

Bad Byron's Butt Rub
Bad Byron's Butt Rub
8. Bad Byron's Butt Rub: This barbecue dry rub seasoning is making a triumphant return to our top-ten list, and also comes in a larger, 24oz. size for folks who do a lot of smoking and grilling. Made in the Texas style of BBQ rubs, Bad Byron's is savory, not sweet, and has enough of a kick to be noticed but without burning your mouth. Excellent on everything from ribs (pork or beef) to brisket, Boston butt, steaks, chops, venison and even chicken.

9. Johnston County Country Hams: These world-famous, award-winning country hams are cured in the traditional manner in Smithfield, North Carolina, for that unmistakable smoky-salty succulence that harkens back to olden days. Whether you serve it with red-eye gravy and grits or on a buttery biscuit, this Southern delicacy is a great way to start your day. Country ham is also wonderful for adding flavor and richness to soups, stews and casseroles, and in sandwiches, too.

Extra Large Jalapeno Poppers Grilling Rack
Jalapeno Poppers Grill Roaster
10. Jalapeno Poppers Grill Roaster: If you love eating jalapeno poppers at your favorite restaurant or sports bar but hate making them at home because of the mess, this Jalapeno Poppers Grill Roaster is the solution for you. Available in three different sizes, simply slide a stuffed jalapeno into each slot to roast them upright on your grill or in the oven without any spilling, oozing or splattering. And you save on fat and calories because there's no breading or frying, AND you get that sublime roasted-pepper flavor! You can also roast unstuffed peppers in this nifty BBQ grill accessory, or anything else that will fit in the slots.

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  1. Nice list Gloria. The Pukka and Calypso sauces sound like pretty good hot sauces, and they're top sellers too!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Ricky, and for reading my blog. Yes, both the Calypso and the Pukka are great sauces, with a nice balance of flavor & heat. I hope you'll try them some time.
      Zestfully yours,