Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pure Ground Chili Pepper Powders Now Available!

ground habanero powder
The Carolina Sauces online store has greatly expanded its selection of dry rubs and BBQ seasonings, and as part of that expansion we've added several different pure ground chili pepper powders!  While most grocery stores and supermarkets carry ground black pepper, red pepper and cayenne, it can be difficult to find other ground dried peppers such as ground ancho chiles or smoked habanero powder. Well, now you can order them online from us--and keep your kitchen and pantry stocked year-round for all of your hot & spicy cooking needs.

Here are some of the ground pepper powders you can buy:

Ground habanero powder from Melinda's as well as Dave's Gourmet ground habanero powder, both packing fiery extra-hot heat. And for a hotter alternative to chipotle, we have pure smoked habanero powder from Dave's Gourmet.
dried ancho pepper powder

Dave's Chile Today Hot Tamale Ancho Powder made from pure ground dried ancho chiles. This one is great when you want a milder level of heat while adding rich flavor. It's a natural choice for cooking Mexican, Tex-Mex and Southwestern favorites for the family.

Pure ground chipotle powder made from smoked jalapeno peppers for deep, earthy smokiness and feisty medium-hot heat. Add it to homemade Mexican mole--for those unfamiliar with Mexican mole, it's pronounced "MOH-leh" and it's not the burrowing animal but rather a complex, richly flavorful thick brown sauce made with many different ingredients including cocoa. It's also great for making homemade dry rubs and barbeque seasonings.

Danny Cash's 1%er PowderGround green jalapeno powder made from jalapeno peppers that are dried while they're still green, for tangy-spicy jalapeno flavor and medium heat. It's a good choice if you're making a green or white sauce, or a batch of green chili, because it's not brown or red so it adds peppery heat and flavor with more visually appealing results.

Ghost Dust, which is pure ground Ghost Pepper (naga/bhut jolokia pepper), and Danny Cash's 1%'er ground naga jolokia (ghost pepper) powder blended with red habanero powder (shown on left). These are recommended for serious chileheads and fiery-foods addicts only, and not for people with more sensitive palates. Both of these products are ideal for extreme-heat recipes or when you need to spice up a huge vat of chili or other food for a crowd. Just make sure to use extreme caution when handling these powders, and avoid inhaling any airborne "dust" when  shaking or spooning.

Dave's Gourmet dried chili pepper powder
A handy and economical 6-way shaker of dried chiles from Dave's Gourmet with ground Ancho, Cayenne, Chipotle flakes, De Arbol, Habanero flakes and New Mexico seasoning, each in separate compartments within one shaker. If you enjoy making and eating spicy foods and using different types of chile peppers for their varying levels of heat and different flavors, then this nifty product is for you. It's also a thoughtful gift for anyone who meets that description.

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PS: If you're looking for unique barbecue rubs, spice seasonings and chili pepper blends, you'll find them on our Rubs & Seasonings page, and I'll also be featuring some of the more unusual and exotic new ones here soon.

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