Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Five Father's Day Gifts for "Hot" Dads

Bacon Hot Sauce Gift Pack
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Do you still need a gift for a "Hot Daddy"?

If Dad enjoys a good hot sauce (or collects hot sauces), we've got five fiery Father's Day gift ideas that are sure to please -- and will be much more appreciated and used more frequently than another boring tie.

1. Bacon Hot Sauce Three-Pack:  It's a fact - most Dads love bacon. And many Dads enjoy hot sauce. So, what could be better than Bacon Hot Sauce? That's easy, THREE bottles of Bacon Hot Sauce! I've tried this hot sauce and it does indeed taste like real bacon, but without any of the greasy fat and with a tangy peppery hot sauce kick. The Bacon Hot Sauce Gift Set comes with 3 full-size (5oz each) bottles of this awesome fusion of meaty, smoky bacon flavor and spicy-hot cayenne and New Mexico chili peppers in savory vinegar base. Go all out and also get Dad a bottle of Slappin' Fat Bacon Ketchup and Jim Beam Bourbon Mustard.  Heck, why stop there: Send Dad a gift of Big Daddy Bacon, which is some of the finest dry-cured, hickory-smoked bacon you can find anywhere! (OK, so I veered a little off-topic, but it's easy to do that when talking bacon...).

Blair's Beyond Death Hot Sauce Gift Set
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2. Blair's Beyond Death Hot Sauce Gift Pack:  Originally formulated in 1992 as a limited-edition ultra-hot sauce, Blair's brought Beyond Dead back from the dead in 2007 (sorry, couldn't resist the bad play on words). As with all of their fiery creations, Beyond Death Hot Sauce is "guaranteed to make you Feel Alive," but don't blame us if the intense heat brings you close to death first. If Dad is serious about his hot sauces, or if he collects hot sauces, this 4 Pack Set is an excellent gift because it includes all 4 unique labels of the Beyond Death hot sauce series, each with the distinctive blue "dipped wax" seal. But this super-hot hot sauce isn't just about appearances and firepower: Made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients including red and orange habanero peppers, fresh cayenne peppers, smoky chipotle, fresh herbs, crushed garlic, a splash of lime juice and a sprinkling of cilantro, it tastes great, too, especially on Mexican, Tex-Mex and southwestern dishes, on pizza or burgers, in chili and stews, etc.  By the way, this is just one of several different Blair's Death hot sauce gift sets that we offer. You'll find them all, as well as other zesty hot sauce gifts, on our Gift Sets & Gift Boxes page.

Cheech Hot Sauce Gift Box
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3. The Cheech Hot Sauce Gift Box: Here's a fun gift for the Dad who's a fan of the Cheech & Chong movies or comedian Cheech Marin, and also enjoys spicing up his food. This zany, colorful gift box comes with three hot sauces created by Cheech Marin, who also happens to be a knowledgeable chilehead in addition to being a really funny guy.  All three flavors of his hot sauce are made with the finest all-natural ingredients (but no "funny stuff," if you get my drift), carefully and expertly blended to deliver a perfectly legal endorphin high while satisfying the palate with enlightened, food-friendly flavors. The festive gift box comes with a full-size (5 oz) bottle each of Gnarly Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce, Mojo Mango Habanero Hot Sauce, and Smokin' Chipotle Hot Sauce.

The Source Hot Sauce Collector's Gift Box
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4.  The Source Hot Sauce Gift Box: First introduced just over 10 years ago, "The Source" is now the stuff of legends, sought out by serious fiery-foods fans and collectors but rarely found -- and we have a limited number in stock for Father's Day. Because it's an intensely hot pepper extract rated at 7.1 million Scoville Heat Units, The Source is properly categorized as a food additive rather than a hot sauce. The difference is in the heat:  Pepper extract food additives are so powerfully hot that they should only be used by the micro-droplet in recipes, and never poured directly on ready-to-eat food. In short, The Source cannot be eaten directly from the bottle, and must be diluted and used 1 drop at a time. If you're not a chilehead, you may be asking, "Why would anyone want The Source hot sauce?"  Two reasons:  The practical one is that it's excellent for adding big-time spicy heat to large amounts of food, e.g., cooking chili for the guys at the firehouse or hunt camp, preparing "suicide" buffalo wings for a party, making your very own hot sauces & spicy BBQ sauces, and other cooking and grilling applications. Secondly -- and this is what makes The Source Hot Sauce an ideal Father's Day gift -- this is the Collector's Edition of The Source, packaged in a distinctive gift box that is suitable for displaying (especially in a man cave) and guaranteed to catch the eye and spark conversation. One more word of warning, however: Because of the ingredients found in this product, you will have to read and agree to the Product Disclaimer posted on our website before you can purchase this product. 

3-Shelf Hot Sauce Display Case
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5. Three-Shelf Standing Hot Sauce Display:  Classic black with bright orange flame trim, this eye-catching and sturdy 3-shelf display case will let Dad show off (and grow) his hot sauce collection, and help him keep it organized and available for use. The unit measures 61" tall (over 5 feet in height), 24" deep, and 19.5" wide, with a footprint that's less than two square feet -- which means it efficiently and effectively makes a big impression while taking up surprisingly little room. This snazzy hot sauce display is a great addition to any man cave, game room, study, office or anyplace else where Dad wants to keep his hot sauces handy. And if Dad happens to sell hot sauces at festivals, local markets or other events, this hot sauce display shelf unit is ideal for vending and holding inventory!

Still not sure what spicy gift to give to a hot sauce lover for Father's Day? Visit the Carolina Sauces online store to browse our entire selection -- you can narrow your search by brand, pepper variety, heat level, price range, country of origin, gluten-free, low-carb, low sodium, etc., as well as search by product name.

Hot Sauce Gift Certificates
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Running out of time to shop? Then send Dad a hot sauce gift certificate in any amount, and let him pick out exactly what he wants! Just click on the image on the right to purchase and send a Carolina Sauces electronic gift card or gift certificate.

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