Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last-Minute Gifts for Dad (no shipping required!)

Still haven't found that perfect Father's Day gift?

Missed the shipping deadline to send Dad a Father's Day gift?

No time to spend at the mall searching for a special gift that Dad will truly love?

No problem: The Carolina Sauce Company is here to help, no shipping or gift-wrapping or trips to the mall required!

Simply select one of our many different email Gift Certificates for everything from hot sauce & BBQ sauce to bacon, seafood, exotic meats, gourmet imports and more, select the amount for the Gift Certificate, enter Dad's email address, and you're done! The e-gift certificate will be delivered to Dad in time for Father's Day -- and usually within minutes, in fact. Dad can then pick out exactly what he wants in the flavors, heat levels or varieties that he loves. They NEVER expire and can be used multiple times until the total amount is spent.

To save you precious time, here are links to some of the e-Gift Certificates and e-Gift Cards we offer (you can view them all on our Gift Certificates page):

Click here Carolina Sauces Gift Certificates (for hot sauce, barbecue sauce, North Carolina products, zesty condiments like spicy mustards & ketchups, BBQ dry rubs, salsa & dips, limited-edition hot sauces and so much more):

Click here for Bacon Gift Certificates (old-fashioned dry-cured hickory smoked bacon, gourmet & specialty bacon, flavored bacon, nitrate-free bacon, other bacon-flavored foods, bacon novelty items, & even bacon-scented cologne):

Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon

Click here for Seafood Gift Certificates (fresh & flash-frozen fish, shrimp, crabs, crawfish, lobster & more, plus seafood seasonings, cookbooks, etc.):

Gifts For Him

Click here for Exotic Meats & Game Gift Certificates (farm-raised venison, bison/buffalo, alligator, boar, kangaroo, emu, antelope, kobe beef, quail, duck and more):

Click here for Gourmet Imports Gift Certificates (olive oils & vinegars, pasta, olives, spices, condiments, cheeses and other specialty foods from Italy, Spain, France, etc.):

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Zestfully yours,

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