Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jerk Nuts from Pain is Good

Pain is Good Jamaican Jerk Nuts
"Pain is Good" is the name of a well-known line of hot sauces that's as much about enticing flavors as it is about fiery heat, which is probably why they've been around for decades. Best known for their classic Louisiana style, Jamaican style and Garlic hot sauces, they also offer intriguing and novel flavor combos like Jalapeno Wasabi and Honey Cayenne, as well as spicy BBQ sauces, wing sauces and even Bloody Mary mix.

But Pain is Good makes more than just hot sauces. They also make fantastic spicy snacks -- and their Jamaican-inspired Jerk Nuts are truly in a class of their own.

If you enjoy snacking on spicy seasoned peanuts and appreciate the exotic flavor and heat of Jamaican jerk, you're in for a real treat when you try Pain is Good Jerk Nuts.

Seasoned with authentic jerk spices for rich, savory (not sweet) flavor, and finishing with a feisty peppery kick, these spicy nuts are just hot enough to wake up your senses but not so fiery that they'll burn out your mouth. Instead, the island flavors and zesty heat dance on your tongue and keep you coming back for more, without having to drown your tastebuds with a cooling beverage in between handfuls (unless you really want another drink, of course).

This snack is made in the USA -- Kansas, to be specific -- using select gourmet peanuts, all-natural quality seasonings, and real peanut oil for a top-notch product. And as is the case with all Pain is Good products, the can is decorated with their famous "screaming head" photo.

Buy Pain Is Good Batch #114 Jerk Nuts online while they're on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store.

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