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Hank Williams Jr.'s Family Tradition BBQ Sauces & Seasonings

Hank Williams Family Tradition BBQ Sauce
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These old-fashioned, all-American barbecue sauces feature a rich and sweet tomato base with just a touch of tang and spice from Worcestershire and mustard, making them instant family favorites from the first bite. The original Hank Williams Jr. Family Tradition BBQ Sauce is mild (no peppery heat) yet boldly flavorful so that it complements hearty grilled or smoked meats like beef or pork ribs and brisket, burgers, chicken etc. Slather it on during the final few minutes of grilling, or use it for dipping or pouring at the table. It's fabulous as a ketchup replacement in many recipes whenever you want a more robust, barbecue flavor.

For fans of hot and spicy sauces, you need to get Hank Williams Jr's Family Tradition Hot BBQ Sauce. It begins with the same food-friendly flavor profile as the mild original, but a special blend of secret spices are added for some feisty sass. It's still fairly mild on the heat scale, with no more than a mellow medium burn that won't hurt your mouth or overpower your food. It finishes with a pleasantly peppery bite, making it great when you want to add a little kick to wake up the palate. This hot barbecue sauce is so well-balanced that it won't disappoint chiliheads who normally eat hotter sauces (unless, of course, they've completely destroyed their taste buds from chronic pepper extract addiction or extreme hot sauce abuse).

Hank Williams Jr Family Tradition Mountain Smoke Bar-B-Que Sauce
Do you prefer robust, smoky barbecue sauces? Then Hank Williams Jr.'s Family Tradition Mountain Smoke BBQ Sauce is waiting for you! Comparable to the mild original in its basic flavor profile and heat level, this baby gets its more robust earthy flavor from the judicious addition of natural smoke for genuine slow-cooked flavor even when all you have is a gas grill (or when you're stuck cooking indoors). Close your eyes and you'll swear you're eating a down-home country cook's handmade creation, instead of a bottled barbecue sauce. As with the other flavors, Mountain Smoke BBQ Sauce is masterfully crafted so that the various flavor notes complement each other as well as your food.

Hank Williams Jr. also has a family recipe for a barbecue dry rub seasoning, and he calls it (obviously enough) Hank Williams Jr.'s Family Tradition BBQ Rub. This is a classic Southern-style sweet & savory rub, which means the sugar will caramelize into a mouthwatering crispy "bark" when you apply the rub to ribs, pork butt, brisket, chops and more. It also has a bit of a spicy-hot peppery kick, but that also tempers down a bit as the rub cooks on your food. And because it's enhanced with a touch of natural hickory smoke flavor, Hank Williams Barbecue Rub is an excellent choice for indoor cooking and gas grill users when you want a naturally smoky flavor but don't have the equipment or time to achieve it otherwise.

Hank Williams Family Tradition BBQ Rub
To complete the product line, there's Hank Williams Jr. Family Tradition Jalapeno Hot Sauce, a jaunty and fun-loving concoction that gets its uniquely mellow and playfully spicy burn from ripe red jalapenos. Unlike typical jalapeno hot sauces that are usually made with the more common unripe green chilies, this one doesn't have a sharp bite or edginess that can turn off folks who don't eat hot sauce often. In fact, I bet that if you can persuade a wary diner to try a bite of food seasoned with this gently spicy hot sauce, they'll be pleasantly surprised and soon will be reaching for the bottle to splash more on their food. You also get more for your money when you buy this hot sauce because it comes in a 6oz bottle instead of the typical 5oz hot sauce, and it's cheaper than most 5oz sauces!

Any of these barbecue sauces, hot sauce or seasoning rub would be a great choice for your Independence Day BBQ, picnic, cookout, camping vacation or other Fourth of July Celebration, as they're all proudly made in the USA.

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