Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Savory, Spicy Popcorn Flavors at Carolina Sauce Co.

Ass Kickin' Chile Lime Popcorn
Popcorn is one of America's most popular snacks, and nowadays you can buy microwave popcorn that's seasoned with more than just butter. If you enjoy spicy or savory snacking and want the convenience of a good-quality, flavor-packed microwave popcorn, the Carolina Sauce Company now offers many more options in addition to the original Dave's Insanity Popcorn (quite possibly the hottest popcorn in the universe). Our selection currently includes:

Barbecue Popcorn with big, bold, savory BBQ flavor. Definitely on the mild end of the heat spectrum, this tasty microwave popcorn is seasoned with the same spices used by award-winning BBQ dry rubs and seasonings, for genuine barbecue flavor. It's a natural for summertime cookouts when you're firing up the grill, as well as for tailgating at sporting events (pack it in your RV or pop a couple of batches before hitting the road), or for kicking back on the couch to watch your favorite show.

If you prefer a bit of a peppery, tangy kick and enjoy chili-lime tortilla chips, try Chile Lime Popcorn. Its bright, citrusy flavor is only mildly spicy, so you can snack as much as you like without burning out your mouth. It's great for a Cinco de Mayo party or any get-together featuring Mexican, Tex-Mex or Southwestern foods, and a Margarita, daiquiri or other tropical drink is an excellent choice for washing it down.

Continuing with the Mexican (and related cuisines) theme, we have Jalapeno Popcorn from Pain is Good. This baby is seasoned with real jalapeno peppers and other complementary spices for a feisty medium heat and genuine jalapeno flavor. As with the hot pepper, the heat in this popcorn begins tamely enough but steadily builds to create a pleasant but not overwhelming burn. In other words, it's probably too hot for heat wimps but towards the lower end of the fire spectrum for fans of hot and spicy foods, meaning it'll please most people other than those at the extremes of the heat preference spectrum.

Pain is Good Hot Microwave Popcorn
Ass-Kickin' Habanero Popcorn ratchets the heat up another level to a solid medium-hot that's noticeably hotter than the jalapeno pepper and true in habanero flavor and fire. Made with real habanero peppers, it delivers its distinctive habanero punch from your first handful and continues to deliver with every bite. This popcorn is perfect for anyone who appreciates the fiery heat and bright flavor of habanero peppers, and can handle hotter fiery foods.

Pain is Good Batch #218 Hot Popcorn is surpassed in fiery heat only by the incendiary Dave's Insanity Popcorn. You'll experience different levels and qualities of flavor and fire because this gourmet spicy-hot popcorn is seasoned with a variety of different chili peppers that dance devilishly on your tongue. Unless you're an experienced chilehead with a pretty high tolerance for spicy foods, you might find this popcorn searingly hot. But if you can handle Insanity Popcorn, Pain is Good Hot Popcorn will be a notch below on the heat scale. Either way, it's probably a good idea to have your favorite beverage handy when snacking on this microwave popcorn with a KICK!

All of these savory, spicy popcorn flavors are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store.

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