Sunday, June 30, 2013

Two Ways to Save Money on Your Favorite Sauces & Seasonings

Crock Pot slow cooker
Our crock pot, "Grandma Gert"
HEADS UP!  The Carolina Sauce Company has two ways for you to save money when you shop online for sauces and seasonings in July!

Here's what you need to know so that you can cash in:

1. Starting tomorrow, July 1st, we'll have a new "Crock Pot Game" posted on the Carolina Sauce Company Facebook page, and this time everyone who plays is a winner!

Don't worry, this isn't one of those Facebook game apps like "Candy Crush" or whatever it's called. Our Crock Pot Game is actually more like a giveaway or contest. We just don't call it that so as to not get in trouble with FB.

To be a winner, all you have to do is look for our upcoming July 1st post on FB with a photo of our crock pot, affectionately nicknamed "Grandma Gert" -- she's the lovely old slow-cooker in the photo. Follow the instructions there and leave your comment under that post -- be sure to "Like" us on Facebook if you haven't already done so -- and I'll PM or message you with your money-saving prize, a special discount coupon good on anything at the Carolina Sauces online store. There's nothing to buy, nothing to sign up for, and no other commitment; simply comment on our FB post during the game and you're automatically a winner! The coupon is fully transferable, too, so you can pass it along to a friend if you wish.

Carolina Sauce VIP Club
2. Sometime in the next few days -- the exact date is a secret -- our Carolina Sauce VIPs will receive the July issue of our free monthly VIP newsletter. In addition to a zesty recipe or BBQ & grilling tips plus brief reviews of our newest products, the July newsletter will include a special coupon code exclusively for our VIP Club members. With this coupon code our VIPs receive a bigger and better discount than any available to non-VIPs.

If you want preferred VIP pricing and the lowest prices we offer, all you have to do is join our free VIP Club by signing up here: Carolina Sauce Company VIP Club. It's that easy - there's no purchase required, and no commitment either (you can unsubscribe anytime).

Our VIP Club entitles you to receive our monthly email newsletter with exclusive VIP-only savings, recipes, product updates, VIP Club recipes & cooking tips and other zesty news. We don't send you anything else unless you request it, we don't bug you for any reason, and we never share or sell your email address or anything else about you with anyone.

Be sure to sign up soon so that you don't miss out on our July VIP discount coupon!

Zestfully yours,

PS:  If you have any problems signing up, or playing our Facebook Crock Pot Game, or have any other questions or feedback, simply leave a comment below or email me. You can also contact us through FB if you prefer, with a comment on our Page or a message. We're always happy to help, and love hearing from our fans and customers!

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