Monday, June 24, 2013

Make Ass-Kickin' Habanero Margaritas with This

Ass Kickin' Habanero Margarita Mix
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An ice-cold, tangy-sweet margarita is the perfect accompaniment to zesty, full-flavored Mexican food. Let's face it, fire and ice are very nice.

But what about fire and ice in a margarita?  Does the thought of a spicy, habanero-infused margarita pique your interest and tickle your virtual tongue? Would you dare try it?

If so, here is your chance: The Carolina Sauces online store now carries Ass-Kickin' Margarita Mix!

Sure, it looks like your typical citrusy margarita mix, but don't be fooled by the appearance of the lime-green liquid in the bottle: This tangy margarita mix is spiked with habanero pepper for a devilishly delicious flavor and fiery kick you'd never expect.

This grown-up, spicy margarita mix contains no alcohol -- you'll have to add your own tequila or other booze -- but is tasty enough to be enjoyed as a virgin margarita as well as with alcohol, either on the rocks or blended with crushed ice for a frozen fiery treat.

In addition to its obvious use in making margaritas, Ass Kickin' Habanero Margarita Mix is also great as a spicy citrus marinade for fish, seafood and chicken. This ain't no one-trick pony.

Now's the time to buy Ass Kickin' Margarita Mix for your summer cookouts and barbecues while it's own sale at the Carolina Sauce Company.

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