Sunday, September 8, 2013

Get FREE Safari Rub from Jim's Own - Here's How

Jim's Own Safari BBQ Rub
During September, our partner Jim's Own Sauce is giving away FREE packages of their zesty, savory Safari Rub!

Jim's Own Safari Rub is a bright blend of dried peppers, spices and herbs inspired by the flavors of South Africa. Bright, lightly spicy, subtly exotic and with a refreshing citrus zip, this aromatic blend of coriander, pepper and lemon works culinary magic on everything from lamb and pork to chicken, fish and shrimp. It's also excellent on venison, in rice dishes, and even mixed into ground meat for burgers and meatloaf. Whether you're cooking indoors on the stove or in your oven or crockpot, or outdoors on a grill or smoker, simply pat some Safari Rub on your food and marinate in the refrigerator: Overnight or several hours for red meats, up to 1 to 2 hours for poultry, and 30 minutes to 1 hour for fish, seafood and vegetables.

Jim's Own BBQ Sauce & Dry RubJim's Own is one of North Carolina's most popular and successful lines of BBQ sauces and seasonings. Makers of award-winning barbecue sauces and BBQ rubs, Jim's Own is giving away a different flavor of one of their mouthwatering all-purpose dry rubs with every online order of Jim's Own products over $25 (excluding shipping/taxes), featuring a different variety of free seasoning rub each month through November. All of Jim's BBQ dry rubs and seasonings are versatile and easy to use, and the whole family will enjoy their homestyle flavor.

If you want a FREE full-size package of Jim's Own Safari Rub, just place an order online for over $25 in Jim's Own products (exclusive of shipping & taxes). Click here to order. Our friends at Jim's Own will include the free dry rub along with the items in your order.

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