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Panamanian-Style Hot Sauces from Howler Monkey have Arrived!

Howler Monkey Original Hot Sauce
Howler Monkey hot sauces were created by two buddies who grew up in Panama and missed the distinctively delicious flavor and heat of their homeland's hot sauces made with the local aji chombo pepper (a native variety of scotch bonnet pepper).

Reminiscent of West Indian style hot sauces but not as heavy on the mustard, Panamanian-style hot sauces are used in cooking as well as on served food at the table, and you'll find bottled aji chombo salsa (the Spanish name) on restaurant tables throughout the country.

Vinegar-based and tangy, the heat of these Panamanian sauces is comparable to that of Caribbean and West Indian scotch bonnet hot sauces, perhaps just a touch milder, and with an agreeably savory (not sweet) flavor that complements any kind of food except dessert.

Howler Monkey Panama Style Hot Sauce
Howler Monkey Original Hot Sauce is made from the traditional classic aji chombo Panama hot sauce recipe, but perhaps a tad less hot than what you'll find in Panama. The pepper's flavor, however, is just as present, making it an excellent introduction to this style of hot sauce as well as a good choice when serving a crowd with varying heat preferences. You can use Howler Monkey Original as you would any other all-purpose, medium-heat hot sauce, whether in recipes or at the table. You could even use it in your recipe for homemade buffalo wing sauce for a tropical change of pace that's spicier than your usual cayenne pepper hot sauce.

If your preference is for a hotter sauce with a more intense burn, then Howler Monkey Hot Panamanian-Style Hot Sauce is the one for you. This is as close as you can get to the authentic "in-country" experience without leaving your own home. Red habaneros are added to the original recipe for a more pronounced and more intense heat level, and yet the overall flavor remains well-balanced and food-friendly. This one will satisfy fans of real heat coupled with genuine native flavor. Once again this is an all-purpose hot sauce, but because it's definitely hot and not "merely" a medium in terms of heat level, it's probably best to reserve it for heartier fare rather than seafood, steamed or other gently-prepared vegetables, or other less robust dishes.

Howler Monkey Amarillo Hot Sauce
When your tastebuds call for a zesty mustard hot sauce that packs a tart and tangy heat, use Howler Monkey Amarillo Hot Sauce. Amarillo means yellow in Spanish, and that's the color of this bright and sunny hot sauce made from yellow scotch bonnet peppers, mustard and cumin added to the original Howler Monkey recipe. This one calls out for pork in all forms, and it's also a superb condiment with hot dogs, sausages of all types, hamburgers, cold cut sandwiches and anything else you'd enjoy with mustard. In terms of heat, it's a bit more powerful than the Original version but not as fiery as the Hot. If you're a fan of Matouk's hot sauces and other similar mustard-based hot sauces from the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua (e.g., Susie's Hot Sauce) and the like, it's a safe bet that you'll enjoy this Panama-Style Amarillo sauce as a change of pace.

Howler Monkey Verde Hot Sauce
Green habaneros, green bell peppers and cilantro endow Howler Monkey Verde Hot Sauce with its vibrant, verdant hue and bright, crisp flavor that hints at natural bell-pepper sweetness but with that unmistakeably sharp habanero bite. Superb with steak and other types of beef, this green hot sauce is mellow enough to use on fish and seafod, rice dishes, vegetables prepared pretty much any way, and even on nachos and other Mexican fare. Don't be fooled by the color: Howler Monkey Verde is not a tomatillo sauce -- so if you've been searching for a green hot sauce that doesn't rely on artificial colors and/or doesn't taste like tomatillos, here is the answer to your search.

All flavors and varieties of Howler Monkey Hot Sauce are all-natural and made from the finest ingredients, including select peppers lovingly grown and picked at their peak for the specific flavor profile desired for each particular sauce recipe. You can now buy Howler Monkey sauces online and on sale from Carolina Sauces.

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