Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Flavors of Salvation Sauce are Here, Mini-Bibles Included

Salvation Sauce Caribbean Lime Hot SauceSalvation Sauce was born in a church kitchen over 10 years ago. Since then, it's grown to become Colorado's most popular hot sauce brand, helping to fund and support a soup kitchen in Denver, numerous mission trips, church youth groups and charitable programs that help families in need.

For some time now, the Carolina Sauces online store has carried the original Salvation Hot Sauce flavors, complete with the mini-Bible keychain attached to the bottle neck.

Today I'm pleased to announce that the Carolina Sauce Company has added three more flavors of this big-hearted and big-flavored hot sauce, and they're all on sale when you order online!

The first new flavor is Salvation Sauce Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce, a jaunty blend of tart limes and just the right amount of searing serrano chilies for a refreshing, spicy flavor that complements fish and seafood, chicken dishes, rice and your favorite vegetable recipes. Surprisingly light but with a perky peppery bite, it adds just enough citrus and heat to wake up your taste buds without burning them out or overwhelming your food. Try a splash on seared scallops or with oysters on the half-shell to delight in an earthly pleasure without risking your eternal soul.

Salvation Sauce Mango Pineapple Hot SauceAlso new is Salvation Sauce Mango Pineapple Hot Sauce, a pairing of tropical flavors and fire that's so sublime it must have been divinely inspired. Succulent, ripe mangoes provide a lush natural sweetness that's balanced by the bright tang of juicy pineapples, with fiery red habanero peppers added to remind us of hell's fury if we overindulge. If you like to live and eat on the edge, this temptingly devilish hot sauce is for you. Pair it with chicken, seafood, pork and stir-fry recipes. Splash it on burgers, grilled shrimp or vegetables, all sorts of kabobs, and even with fried fish, breaded chicken wings, French fries, onion rings, tater tots and other finger food.

Salvation Sauce Chipotle Hot SauceFinally, if you've been searching in vain for a chipotle hot sauce that's not your ordinary run-of-the-mill supermarket sauce, Salvation Chipotle Hot Sauce is here to save you from despair. Smoky chipotles bring their rich earthiness and dark undertones while red cayennes and habaneros contribute their sharp high notes for a symphony of flavors that chiliheads will deem angelic in nature. Consider this an everyday go-to hot sauce for the table and in recipes, assuming you have the fortitude to handle the heat -- it compares to any good Mexican restaurant's house-made chipotle sauce.

Like the original flavors, all three new flavors of Salvation Sauce come with a miniature Holy Bible key chain attached to the neck of the bottle and proudly display a radiant cross on the label.

Buy Salvation Sauce online and help this grassroots small business continue to do good while you eat well.

Zestfully yours,

PS: If you're a socially conscious consumer or hot sauce connoisseur who wants to support good causes by buying products from companies that donate to various charities and non-profits, be sure to visit our Sauce for a Cause page where you can buy hot sauce and BBQ sauce from companies who do just that!

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