Monday, September 16, 2013

Three Stooges Hot Sauces for Moe, Larry & Curly Fans

3 Stooges Larry's Lightning Hot Sauce
Attention all Three Stooges fans:

The Carolina Sauce Company now has Three Stooges Hot Sauces, featuring Moe, Larry and Curly on the labels!

Larry's Lightning Hot Sauce, made with aged red peppers, is a versatile all-purpose hot sauce reminiscent of those Louisiana hot sauces found on the table or countertop at your favorite sandwich shop, family-friendly breakfast cafe, "N'Awleans" style Cajun restaurant or old-fashioned barbecue joint. Just like the classic Three Stooges television show show, this straightforward vinegar-pepper sauce doesn't need anything fancy to get top ratings: No distracting spices or additives, no sugary sweetness, no exotic chilies, no trendy excessive heat; just reliably satisfying red pepper flavor.  In short, this deceptively simple hot sauce is great for anyone who wants to add a touch of peppery zip. Larry's Lightning will spice up anything from scrambled eggs and hash browns at breakfast to anything savory that you serve for lunch or dinner. It's also ideal for homemade Buffalo wings. And don't forget to keep a bottle on hand at the stove or barbecue grill whenever you're cooking because it's perfect for delivering a little kick to your food without making it too hot to handle.

3 Stooges Moe Hotta Hot Sauce
Moe Hotta! Three Stooges Hot Sauce is exactly that, "mo' hotta" than Larry's Lightning. Fresh, fiery habanero peppers are the stars in this zesty Caribbean-style hot sauce that's made with a traditional savory blend of carrots, onions and garlic in a tangy vinegar-lime juice base. Moe Hotta Hot Sauce has honest habanero flavor with the requisite hot burn that fiery-foods fans appreciate and expect in a quality habanero pepper sauce -- and won't find in some watered-down, overly vinegary supermarket "hot" sauce. Whether you're cooking Mexican favorites, simmering a pot of hearty chili, spicing up your pizza or nachos, or concocting your own spicy-hot signature barbecue sauce -- or simply wanting to perk up some boring leftovers or adding sass to takeout when you're too tired or busy to cook -- Moe Hotta is guaranteed to win over even the toughest audience and make a jaded culinary critic crack a smile of approval.

3 Stooges Curly's Knockout! Hot SauceDo you prefer a powerful peppery punch? Can you handle heat that would make chili wimps cry as if they'd been poked in the eye?  Then get ready to experience Curly's Knockout! Hot Sauce. This is the hottest of the Three Stooges Hot Sauces, delivering fiery aged red habanero peppers in a savory-tangy base that's reminiscent of the potent red hot sauces you'll find at Mexican restaurants and authentic taquerias. Solidly hot but not insanely so, Curly's Knockout may be too much to handle if you never venture outside of the Texas Pete and Tabasco Sauce heat level. But if you enjoy hot salsa and the occasional habanero or two in your condiments or recipes, you can take on this hot sauce (and don't worry, it's nowhere near the super-hot, ultra-hot or extract-enhanced hot sauces that only the addicts crave). You can use it on all the same foods and recipes as the other two sauces in the Three Stooges family, as long as you respect its more intense heat level.

All three varieties of Three Stooges Hot Sauce are made with all-natural ingredients, and they're currently on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store. And if you want to save an additional 7% off the already-reduced sale price, simply email me with the subject heading "Make me a VIP" and I'll send you our current VIP coupon code and add you to our VIP Club so that you don't miss out on our monthly VIP coupons.

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  1. G'day! LOVE the three Stooges and what an innovative sauce range Gloria, true!
    Shared the link via Twitter...
    Cheers! Joanne

    1. Me too, Joanne, real comedic geniuses from the golden age of comedy. Thanks for spreading the word on Twitter about these collectible AND tasty hot sauces! Keep it zesty ;-)