Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lawyer's Breath & Other "Legal" Hot Sauces Discontinued

Lawyer's Hot Sauce Gift
Bad news for fans of the "Judicial Flavors" line of lawyer-themed hot sauces:

According to our warehouse partner, the manufacturer has discontinued production and the hot sauces are no longer available. 

This is indeed sad news, especially since Lawyer's Breath Hot Sauce had been one of the longest-lived -- and better-tasting -- hot sauces on the market.

Lawyer's Breath, along with So Sue Me, Contempt of Court and Under the Influence hot sauces, were very popular among legal professionals including attorneys, paralegals, judges, law students, law school professors and legal staff. In addition to being sold separately, all four Judicial Flavors sauces could be purchased together as our Lawyer's Gift Set, which historically had been one of the best-selling hot sauce gifts at the Carolina Sauce Company for years.

So it is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to these well-made hot sauces, created by a lawyer with a good sense of humor and an even better palate.

If you are looking for a replacement sauce for one or more of these lawyer hot sauces and aren't sure what to try, please don't hesitate to email me to ask for a recommendation. I'm always happy to help, and although we don't have any other legal-themed hot sauces at this time, I'm confident that I can recommend a similar-tasting substitute for any of these discontinued sauces.

Zestfully yours,

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