Thursday, December 12, 2013

Because You Can't Have Too Much Tabasco Sauce: Here's the Tabasco Ultimate Gift Set!

Tabasco Sauce Gift Set
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Tabasco Sauce might very well be the best-known, most frequently used hot sauce on the planet. For many chileheads and fiery-foods fanatics, Tabasco probably is the first hot sauce they ever tried. At least that's the case with me. And no matter how many other hot sauces we chileheads have discovered since our first Tabasco encounter, and no matter which hotter or more complex ones have become favorites, I bet you still keep a bottle or two of the original Tabasco Sauce on hand for those times when you need an honest, straightforward, no-frills, hot-enough-but-not-too-hot, good-tasting pepper sauce to enjoy at the table or spice up a recipe.

The original Tabasco Sauce is the quintessential Louisiana pepper sauce. But did you know that Tabasco comes in other zesty flavors and styles in addition to the all-purpose tangy original?

And did you know that you can now get ALL flavors of Tabasco Sauce for a bargain price when you order the Tabasco Sauce Ultimate Gift Set from the Carolina Sauces online store?

Our Tabasco Gift is the perfect hot sauce gift for anyone who enjoys spicy foods and zesty, versatile hot sauces. It includes all seven (7) flavors of Tabasco Sauce: The Original red pepper sauce, pungent and savory Garlic Tabasco (the original recipe jazzed up with garlic), smoky and spicier Chipotle Tabasco (great with Tex-Mex and Southwestern foods), fiery-hot Habanero Tabasco sauce (the hottest of the bunch), brightly zesty Green Tabasco Pepper Sauce (made with jalapenos and the mildest of the bunch), devilishly sassy Sweet & Spicy Tabasco Sauce (fantastic with stir-fry and Asian foods), and classic Buffalo Style Tabasco sauce (a natural with chicken wings and Buffalo shrimp). Buy the Tabasco Sauce Gift Set while it's on sale, and save over $14 over the regular price!

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PS: Tabasco also makes hot cinnamon candy and spicy lollipops with zippy cinnamon flavor, as well as Spicy Garlic Dill Pickles and southern-style Spicy Pickled Okra. These are great gifts for anyone who enjoys zesty, spicy snacks!

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