Friday, December 20, 2013

Tahiti Joe's Hot Sauce Gift Box: Spicy Flavors with a Playful Twist

Tahiti Joe's Hot Sauce Gift Box
Here's another wonderful hot sauce gift idea for the spicy foods aficionado with a playful sense of culinary adventure: Tahiti Joe's Hot Sauce Gift Box, on sale now at the Carolina Sauces online store.

This colorful collection of four full-size (5oz bottles) tropics-inspired hot sauces come packed in a sturdy cardboard gift box that's ready for wrapping and is sure to delight the lucky recipient. Inside the box are the following four flavors of Tahiti's Joe's hot sauces:

  • Polynesian Hot Sauce: Inspired by the time Joe spent exploring the South Seas, this exotic hot sauce is all about heat with flavor. Aged red peppers, habaneros and jalapenos deliver layers of solid heat while unique and unusual ingredients including a splash of clam juice, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a secret blend of island spices add savory notes. Joe brings everything together into a sweet symphony of flavors by adding real honey. 

  • Onionator XXX Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce: Made with the ferociously hot ghost pepper yet pleasantly surprising in its approachability, this savory and fiery hot sauce is coveted by people who love the earthy pungency of onions and garlic. The base includes tomatoes, cider vinegar, lemon juice, clam juice, Worcestershire and honey plus Joe's special spice blend. This hot sauce is a fiery foodie's delight!

  • Tropi-Garlic Hot Sauce is a creative combination of Italian flavors like garlic, tomatoes and parmesan cheese with Tahiti Joe's trademark tropical ingredients.  More savory than sweet, it's a natural for spicing up pizza, pasta, chicken parm, sausage & peppers, and other hearty fare.

  • Camel Toe Hot Sauce: Don't blame me for the name; I am not responsible for it! Sweet, sassy and subtly smoky, this saucy condiment features mangoes, apple juice and chipotles in Joe's traditional hot sauce base, with his usual combo of aged red peppers habaneros and jalapenos. This baby is more than just a gimmicky hot sauce with a risqué name!
Tahiti Joe's Gift Box is perfect as a Christmas gift or for any other occasion. And if you'd like to save 10% off its already reduced sale price, simply become a Carolina Sauce VIP (it's FREE) and you automatically receive a special coupon code for 10% off your product total! But don't delay -- this special VIP discount coupon expires at midnight TONIGHT, December 20th.

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