Saturday, December 14, 2013

Giant Dave's Insanity Sauce Inflatables are Here!

Dave's Insanity Sauce Inflatable Display Bottle
If you're hunting for a unique hot sauce gift for someone who enjoys really hot sauces but seems to have them all, give him or her this giant inflatable Dave's Insanity Sauce bottle!

Measuring 24 inches tall (that's two feet for those of you who may be mathematically challenged) and 10 inches in diameter, this sturdy blow-up bottle of Dave's Insanity is made of plastic, which means you can drop it without shattering (but don't puncture it, of course!) and it won't spill or burn you. What it WILL do is catch everyone's eye, elicit curious looks, lead to questions and spark up conversation. In other words, the Dave's Insanity blow-up bottle is also a great party decoration or man-cave display item. And for the entrepreneur who sells hot sauces or other zesty products at local markets, it's a great way to increase your visibility, stand out from other vendors and bring in the crowds from a distance.

Buy the Dave's Insanity Sauce blow-up display bottle from the Carolina Sauces online store, where it's one of many new products currently on sale.

And while you're at it, check out all of our Dave's Insanity and Dave's Gourmet products, also on sale.

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