Monday, December 23, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Carolina Sauce Sale Extended thru 12/31!

We interrupt today's regularly-scheduled blog post with this breaking news from the Carolina Sauce Company:

Our 10% off VIP coupon sale has been EXTENDED through the end of the year!

Click to receive your 10% off coupon

Originally scheduled to expire at midnight last Friday, our special December VIP coupon is now valid through midnight EST on December 31st -- which means that all you last-minute Christmas shoppers can still save 10% off your entire product total when you shop for unique hot sauce and BBQ sauce gifts at the Carolina Sauces online store.

In addition to our themed gift sets and gift boxes, we also offer many other unusual and sure-to-please gifts for fans of zesty food and good eats, including:
  • Funny t-shirts for meat-lovers and hunters, designed by PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals). They also make a variety of "PETA" sauces and seasonings which are guaranteed to make carnivores chuckle and humorless vegetarians cringe

  • Stylish, sturdy 3-shelf standing display unit for showing off -- or efficiently storing -- you hot sauce collection, cooking sauces, or even your favorite souvenirs and knick-knacks.

  • Ready-to-grow "magic" chili pepper plants (just add water!) so that you can grow your own ghost peppers, scorpion peppers and chocolate habaneros

  • "Design Your Own Hot Sauce Gift Pack" boxes made of white heavy-weight cardboard and holding four 5-oz hot sauce bottles of your choice. Simply order the 4 hot sauces you want and order the separate gift box (shown on right), then follow the easy directions to fold the box and insert the bottles. Personalize the box with your own label or stickers, or use markers, pens, etc. to create your own artwork

  • Carolina Sauce Gift Certificates and Email Gift Cards, available in any dollar amount and sent via email (you can also print them out) to the lucky recipient. Our gift certificates and gift cards never expire, and can be used on multiple orders until the total amount is depleted.
If you still have your December VIP Newsletter in your email inbox, feel free to use (or re-use) the coupon code you received in the newsletter.

If you no longer have the newsletter, or if you can't find your VIP coupon code, or if you never received it and would like the VIP coupon for 10% off, simply Click Here to become a Carolina Sauce VIP (it's completely free, and we will not bother you with tons of emails - you will only hear from us once a month, that's it!)

You can also email me to request your VIP coupon code.

The Carolina Sauces warehouse will be open between Christmas and New Year to keep shipping last-minute and after-Christmas orders.

Zestfully yours,

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