Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sweet & Sassy BBQ Sauce for your Favorite Handyman

Handyman Sweet & Sassy BBQ Sauce is true to its descriptive name: Plump, ripe tomatoes are blended with real honey, molasses and brown sugar for luscious sweetness, while mustard, onions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce provide savory sass. This lip-lickin' good barbecue sauce also has a subtle hint of smoke for depth, and a zippy peppery finish for just a touch of heat. In short, Handyman Sweet N' Sassy BBQ Sauce is sure to satisfy your favorite Handyman's hunger for great-tasting barbecue chicken, ribs, burgers and more.

If you're still looking for stocking-stuffers or thoughtful little gifts to give to friends, colleagues, family or those key people who have helped you out this year with work around the house, give them a bottle of Handyman Sweet & Sassy BBQ Sauce. Or, if you've already finished all your Christmas and holiday shopping, treat yourself to a bottle of this tasty barbecue sauce to enjoy when the weather is warm enough to grill and also when you cook indoors in your crock pot, oven, or on the stove.

Don't limit yourself to grilled or smoked meats with the sauce:  It adds rich flavor to baked beans, sloppy joes, meatloaf, shrimp or veggie kabobs, as a dip for french fries or chicken wings, and other similar indoor fare.

When using while grilling or cooking on your smoker, slather on this sweet BBQ sauce during the final 10 minutes of cooking so that it caramelizes into a mouthwatering crust and seals in the juices (don't use it earlier or it could burn because of the honey and sugar).

Buy Handyman Sweet N' Sassy BBQ Sauce online while it's on sale at the Carolina Sauces website. We also have the smoky-hot Handyman Chipotle Sauce on sale if your handyman enjoys hot & spicy foods.

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PS: If you're reading this before January 1st and would like a coupon for 10% off your order at our online store, send me an email (sales@carolinasauce.com) asking for your VIP coupon and I'll send it to you.

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