Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Carolina Sauce Company!

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Merry Christmas to you and yours, and to all our customers, partners, colleagues, fans and friends!

On behalf of the Carolina Sauce Company, I wish you a joyous and blessed Christmas filled with happiness and love. If you are traveling during this holiday season, may your journey be safe and free of delays or other hassles.

If, to your horror and/or embarrassment, you've realized that you've forgotten to get a gift for someone, rest assured that our online store is always "open for business" and you can place an order anytime. Although our warehouse is closed for Christmas today through Thursday December 26th, the warehouse will reopen at 9am on Friday, December 27th to continue processing and shipping orders through the close of business on Monday, December 30th. Please note that the warehouse also will be closed on Tuesday, December 31st, and Wednesday, January 1st, for New Year's eve and day, re-opening at 9am on Thursday, January 2nd to resume regular operations.

Should you have ANY problems with an order or questions about an order, please feel free to email Customer Service at the warehouse anytime and they will be able to help you during business hours (except today and the other days when they'll be closed as mentioned above).

From now through early January, I will be taking some time off to spend with family and to take care of some things that have been postponed and waiting to be dealt with, and also to plan ahead for the coming year. Although you might be seeing less of me than usual here and on Facebook for a while, rest assured that all is well, and that exciting things lie ahead for 2014!

Christmas cheer to all,

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